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Bends of Light

FAQ: Frequency Adjustment Questions… Why Now?

For a long time, I’ve had questions for the Pleiadian Renegades and other sources I’ve had interdimensional communication with… questions beyond the business of getting the books and blogs written, and beyond the personal guidance I’ve received for myself and others. Questions like, who are you? Exactly? Really, what’s up, what’s the story with “Pleiadians”? Though it may sound sacreligious (or something akin to that), I have questions and I just can’t blindly accept “We’re from another planet in the Pleiades” as an answer. And “We’re from another dimension” doesn’t really answer anything, either, unless you’re a string theorist.

I had the same questions about God and church, and well that’s another story… but suffice it to say, it didn’t lead to soul-satisfying answers within the framework I was working in, long ago. It led me to explore out of bounds, and make some pretty awesome discoveries about the limitlessness of What Is.

So back to the questions… I’ve had it in mind for a long time now to create a FAQ page for the Opalescent Nine* website (way back when it was the Speaking of Nine website, actually). The work has shifted now, in a lot of ways… including that the “day job” work-for-hire I was doing dried up. That leaves me with more time to get creative! So… the FAQ has begun. I have a few entries on the page and will be adding to it as I can, as the info comes through. Here are the topic questions given to me by the Pleiadian Renegades, as hypothetical questions people might ask regarding them, their work, their nature, and… we’ll see what else comes up!

  • Are you real?
  • What is the reason you have not shown yourselves directly?
  • What is the nature of your life?
  • How is it that you call yourselves “Pleiadian” yet the Pleiades star cluster is considered to be unable to support life-sustaining planets?
  • How is the League of Light defined?
  • What is the relationship of the LOL to other groups of ETs we have heard of?
  • Will there be a planetary evacuation because of catastrophic earth changes?
  • Is there a God?
  • How are you related to angels, Elohim, and Ascended Masters?
  • What is your purpose for communicating to people now?

It’s not limited just to the Pleiadian Renegades. The League of Light is opening up to share more information, too. Is this of interest to you? They aren’t exactly the Galactic Federation, nor are they exactly Ashtar Command. In typical renegade style, the LOL (haha) has been sharing a little here and there about its nature and mission, and now they are letting more light through. I suppose now we’re either ready to understand more in a grown-up sort of way, or we really need to have this info as the world teeters on the brink of massive change. Either way, I’m glad to have the info finally coming into an easy FAQ-style format, and to be sharing it with you now.

Nine's Path FAQ (Frequency Adjustment Questions) grew from my inability to blindly accept 'We're from another planet in the Pleiades' as an answer. Click To Tweet

To make it even more tasty of a tidbit, I’ve started a forum thread at the Opalescent Nine site for discussion and exploration of the Q&A. Please join in, as you feel the inclination. You’re welcome to add your own suggestions for questions for the Renegades to address (about them or on behalf of the LOL)… just keep it germane to the general conversation, and remember I take personal questions for the Renegades to answer, too.

Check back now and then to see what’s new. I’m on a creative streak!

*Opalescent Nine was the name of the website for the League of Light before changing to Nine’s Path. The original website was Speaking of Nine.

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted only with link to original post.


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    Do you think it is possible we are the Pleiadian Renegades? Meaning, you channel yourself and this part of your family that had a galactic past with you in the Pleiades and are now here incarnate on Earth?

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      Very interesting idea, isn’t it? There is something to it. We exist in a time-encoded matrix. Everything is revealed at “its” time. So in that sense, perhaps I stumble on a node of information that is coded to my particular DNA to unlock (like when you play a video game and run into gold coins to get points… but the reality simulation question is a whole other story!). Maybe I left it there when I created my soul-embodiment’s pathway through the matrix before incarnation here. These are some ways to consider it. Anica describes herself as my “chosen future perfected self” and through the years of communicating with “her” I have sought to understand what might happen when our timelines converge, or when we meet, or when we are released from this time matrix. I still don’t know for sure, some things are still hidden. What I do understand about this is that I and Anica and another “self” called Joegil are all part of the same soul, and are aspects of one being expressing life in separate but linked passages through what we can understand as time, because that’s what shapes our lens of understanding. There are some people who I have come across who I know that I know from another time and place, and some of whom I can identify with the Pleiadian Renegade vibe of recognition. 🙂

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        Very fascinating sister!! Yes what you describe is basically what I have been experiencing myself with certain aspects and those of other people I know lol. I had thought some time ago that Anica was you somehow like an aspect of your Higher Self.

        The energy of the Renegades just feel so familiar to me.

        Much Love for you as always



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