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Mind of Sight

A Compendium of Awakening

Once upon a time, when my main website was called Opalescent Nine, I curated a video library on subjects dear to me. When I transitioned to the updated web presence on Nine’s Path, I kept the idea of video libraries on the back burner. They didn’t quite fit in on that site, but they do here… if you are at all interested in some of the formative ideas that shaped my early path as a healer and seer, mystic and channel. I’m still building these pages up with more info, so check back to see what’s new or, better yet, subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

Basically, this is some of the material that helped me wake up. Red pills scattered throughout. It’s not an exhaustive collection, but it’s a good basic overview of what, along the way, served as good signals.

Launch beyond

You’ll find essential video collections and other informative links on each of these pages, broken up into categories for easier exploration. Use them as a starting point for further investigation. I’ve been careful to keep these collections streamlined to the most important (in my mind) for gaining an understanding and expanding thinking. As far-reaching as some of the ideas may seem, I stay away from the fringiest of fringe science. Same with politics and religion: I stay away from dogmatic ideologies and rather focus on the intrinsic truths observable and practicable, and resonant truth in relation to the Science of Nine.

Explore to your heart’s content

Enjoy this romp through the fields of mind. I hope you come out of time spent here refreshed in outlook and spirit!

I’ll continue to put up active links as the sections become more complete. However, I will likely add to them here and there, so do come back to visit. Sign up for the newsletter to get updates.

Drop a comment below or on the pages linked here if something piques your interest, opens your mind, or touches your heart.

Offered with love,
Maryann Rada / M.R. / AM ARE

Basically, this is some of the material that helped me wake up. Red pills scattered throughout. Explore Mind of Sight and expand your thinking. #ninespath #forgottenhistory #remembrance Share on X
Ancient Memory

A great part of my work is dedicated to the act of remembrance. Part of that involves exploring this potential avenue of very, very old history. Remember.

maryann rada divine connection meditation
Divine Connection

Clear mind, clear sight. Methods of achieving liberation from mental constructs, offered in a variety of flavors. Prayers, chants, meditation.

maryann rada
Electric Universe

Includes the work of Thornhill and Talbott, Velikovsky, and LaPoint, and looks at the Saturn polar configuration and primordial planetary conditions.

esoterica esoteric maryann rada magic

Various esoteric schools of thought without getting into anything overly dogmatic. Magic and secrets.

maryann rada math mathematics
Math & Science

Look at the theoretical and practical in math and geometry to better understand the foundations of realities, dimensions, and consciousness itself.

Mind of Sight myth mythology

Touches upon various cultural traditions, stories, and art for a comparative understanding of human origins and subconscious memory.

UFOs & Contact

Get connected with all things UFO, extraterrestrial, extradimensional, extratemporal… and beyond, I suppose. A library of sightings, related phenomena, and history.


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