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To me, esoterica encompasses something beyond the typical thelemic or hermetic route of knowledge. While such things are part of a greater esoterica, I always strive to get to the root of understanding. Guided by intuition and clues my soul has left for me to trip over, I’ve gathered here some of the things that substantiate that thing that cannot be quantified or easily explained.

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Secret History

Legend of Atlantis
The Legend of Atlantis
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This is a real classic, and has served as the introduction for many to the deep history of the secret societies who claim descent from the ancient spiritual traditions of Atlantean days.

KYMATICA Full Length Movie HD
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This documentary focuses on human and universal consciousness and goes deeper into the metaphysical aspects of reality.

Holographic Disclosure
Playlist: Holographic Disclosure 1-17
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From the creator: Everything that you think as being real, and true, will fade away. Time for veil to come down and expose the truth about our reality. Get ready to move away from the trance state and re-connect to our original awareness and wisdom state. The freedom and liberty of eternal paradise is ours.

The UnMasking
Playlist: The UnMasking
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From the creator: Since the fall of man, after the great deluge, the human race has been in total disharmony, on every level that you could possibly imagine, By DESIGN! Knowledge has been taken away from the masses and given to a very select few. In the 1960’s spiritual leaders, priests, and some secret society organisations, from around the world, decided in unison, to lift the veil of secrecy and to shine light back into the darkness of ignorance. Time to give it back. Knowledge is POWER!. Knowledge is knowing where the ledge is… So you don’t fall down…

Robert Sepehr: Esoteric
Playlist: Robert Sepehr: Esoteric
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Traditions of Spirit and Thought

Exploring Spiritual Traditions, History, and Philosophy with Jason Reza Jorjani
Playlist: Jason Reza Jorjani
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Jason Reza Jorjani, PhD, is a philosopher and author of Prometheus and Atlas, World State of Emergency, Lovers of Sophia, Novel Folklore: The Blind Owl of Sadegh Hedayat, and Iranian Leviathan: A Monumental History of Mithra’s Abode.

New Thinking Allowed host, Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, hosted and co-produced the original Thinking Allowed public television series. He is a past vice-president of the Association for Humanistic Psychology; and is the recipient of the Pathfinder Award from that Association for his contributions to the field of human consciousness exploration.

Jason Reza Jorjani: Video Nuggets
Playlist: Jason Reza Jorjani Video Nuggets
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Isn’t is just another part of reality, really?

Britain’s Wicca Man
Britain's Wicca Man (Pagan Witchcraft Religion Documentary) | Timeline
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Europe’s Last Pagans
Europe's last pagans
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Holographic Universe (Playlist)
Playlist: Holographic Universe
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The holographic universe proves that the physical world we believe is real is in fact illusion. Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world.


Making it easier to comprehend some aspects of the matter at hand.

Manipulating Matter One Molecule at a Time
Manipulating matter one molecule at a time.
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Sigil magic explained.

Isis Invokes Channel
Playlist: Isis Invokes Channel
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Transfiguration: Structure of the Universe
Playlist: Series of Messages: Structure of the Universe. Birth of the new Consciousness
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