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To me, esoterica encompasses something beyond the typical thelemic or hermetic route of knowledge. While such things are part of a greater esoterica, I always strive to get to the root of understanding. Guided by intuition and clues my soul has left for me to trip over, I’ve gathered here some of the things that substantiate that thing that cannot be quantified or easily explained.

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Secret History

Holographic Disclosure
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Legend of Atlantis

This is a real classic, and has served as the introduction for many to the deep history of the secret societies who claim descent from the ancient spiritual traditions of Atlantean days.


This documentary focuses on human and universal consciousness and goes deeper into the metaphysical aspects of reality.

Operation Paperclip

Annie Jacobsen goes beyond the basics

Traditions of Spirit and Thought

Exploring Spiritual Traditions, History, and Philosophy with Jason Reza Jorjani
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    Jason Reza Jorjani: Video Nuggets
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