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Transformation Awaits Within

Pleiadian Books from Maryann Rada

Pleiadian books for a new age of reason, coded to awaken our remembrance of who we are, and prepare us for meeting our future. Explore the deeper writings that source from Nine, as shared by the Pleiadian Renegades and the League of Light.

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Pleiadian Messages in Preparation for Contact

Witty and insightful, these essays from the Pleiadian Renegades set a new standard in bringing humanity into closer contact with our stellar kin. Remembrance: Pleiadian Messages in Preparation for Contact gathers messages to awaken and enlighten human consciousness to the very real potential of meeting humans from interstellar civilizations and realizing our place among them.

Look into the future, and you will discover your past.

From the Foreword: “The writings collected in these pages represent a process that has, in some form, been encapsulated in the teachings of the planet’s esoteric, secret, and sacred traditions and texts. Rather than rehash what has already been shared, our method is to distill those points most useful in preparing to encounter divinity in the form of meeting your extended family, and let you connect the dots to realization, reunification, and transformation. It is with the greatest love and respect for the people of Earth that we speak, for the truth is, we are human and we are neighbors. More than that, we are kin. The history of life on Earth is a bit more complex than the institutions of science and religion have led most of you to believe. We aim to shatter illusions that keep your collective consciousness, as a planetary organism of humanity, entrapped in a web of lies spun in a hall of mirrors. It is when you recognize yourselves individually and collectively as divine that you begin the process of achieving wholeness. There is no real end to that process for humans, not in the form of humans in denial and ignorance of the greater truths of love. We share what we have learned, and we share what will serve you as those who have yet to remember their origin and destiny as human beings, existing on Earth but with the galaxy and beyond as your home. Are you ready to meet your neighbors and kin? Read on, dear reader, and see what that entails.”

Remembrance Pleiadian book

Logbooks of the League of Light, vol. 1

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“One of the most interesting and informative books I’ve read in a while. The entertaining intelligence of the ‘author/s’ is undeniable. Their message is consistent: love conquers fear, but it has none of the usual la-la quality of ‘feel good’ books. I’m happy to learn there’s a second book in the series.” —Ed Murphy

“Didn’t want to put it down. This book contains many thoughts to ponder. In the end however, we know it will happen – but fun to read!” —Karen Clark

“Excellent relevant information for spiritual advancement! This book is a delight to read and is entertaining while uplifting and explaining ways to raise your vibration and let go of fear. I highly recommend this book to all! Peace and love to all.” —Kaydee

“A piece of heaven. It is a must-read for all of those who are interested in the theories about ET humans and reptilians. I would recommend it even to those who don’t believe in them because the philosophy described inside appears to me to be divine. This is also true for Maryann’s other book (Opalescence). One of the most important books I’ve come across during this life of mine.” —Ivailo Daskalov

“Remember! Speaks straight to the heart!” —E.

Introductions: The Jigsaw Puzzle of Time & October 14, 2008
Foreword: A Moment of Your Time
A Note on Nine/A Note on Amanda R. Ryan

SECTOR ONE: Sometime Soon It Will Be Apparent that You Are Not Alone in the Universe

Chapter 1/  Space Brothers and Aliens
Chapter 2/  Coming Soon to a Planet Near You
Chapter 3/  We Come in Peace

SECTOR TWO: No One Says Bad Things about Love Anymore

Chapter 4/  Love Is All There Is
Chapter 5/ Changing the Paradigm of What Love Is
Chapter 6/  No-Name Nemesis: Nine’s Secret Agent

SECTOR THREE: It Is Time to Wake Up Now

Chapter 7/  One More Reason to Tell What Time It Is
Chapter 8/  Sooner or Later, You Have to Get Up
Chapter 9/  When Will the Condolences End about the Death of Nemesis?


Remembrance Comes to Life

Come on a journey

Explore higher ground in film and consciousness

A feature film is in the works, based on the popular Pleiadian book from the League of Light Remembrance: Pleiadian Messages in Preparation for Contact.
Written and directed by John HarriganLightships promises to break every preconception you may have about the nature of interdimensional reality.
Learn more

Pleiadian Renegade

Thoughts of Higher Magnitude

How ready are you to encounter the kind of wisdom that can change the way you see everything around you? To change how you think about the genesis of interstellar contact? Renegade thoughts can lead to bold new interpretations of reality, for those who dare to go beyond the limitations of terrestrial thought. The book Pleiadian Renegade: Thoughts of Higher Magnitude continues a narrative of expanded awareness and brings cosmic wisdom down to earth, with wit and insight.

Now is the moment to discover reality’s next evolution.

From the Foreword: “We have traveled through time to meet you in this space of friendly remembrance to bring you news of the human potential to drive your world into a new age of galactic networking and universal peace and prosperity. You have had a glimpse of such things from time to time, and you carry the hope — if not the complete understanding of what such conditions feel like — within your hearts. As a collective of humanity that has called Earth home for eons, the main thrust of which understanding has been the inability to see beyond the limits of your earthly mindspace, you stand at the brink of a step forward into a new evolution. Together, you have come to the point of recognizing the unsustainability of what it is to be human under the spell of social control and forced limitation of your power. Together, you will take things into your own hands and turn the tables on the game that has been played out to your detriment. The dice have been loaded and the cards stacked against the emergence of a humanity fully empowered, but all of that is about to change. You are changing that. Every time one person awakens to the light within themselves that leads to the greater understanding of divine embodiment taking form as what you truly are, as soon as someone realizes that the extent of human reach does not stop at the edge of your world’s troposphere but indeed exists and thrives through-out the galactic arm of the Milky Way, and beyond, you are changing the fortunes in your collective favor. Our presence here, in the form of telepathic communicators and guides at this time is testament to the potential you have to choose the timeline that leads to that, in fact, being your future reality. And because it is a choice, we would like to raise your sights to the higher thoughts that take you there. That is our mission, and our familial duty to your people in this time of transformation. To let the alternative slip into being is not a timeline you would enjoy, we daresay.”

Pleiadian Renegade Pleiadian book

Logbooks of the League of Light, vol. 2

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“Magnificent. As always.” —Ivailo Daskalov

Introduction: Brought Back to Life
Foreword: Keeping the Light On
A Note on Nine

SECTOR ONE: No Rhyme, Just Reason

Chapter 1/  Ring Around the Rosy
Chapter 2/  Snacktime
Chapter 3/  Mapping Out the Order of Knowledge

SECTOR TWO: Let Bygones Be Bygones

Chapter 4/  You Do Well to Pay Attention to Your Inner Knowing
Chapter 5/  Say What You Mean
Chapter 6/  Come Nearer to the Alley of Time

SECTOR THREE: More of Yourself Do You Become

Chapter 7/  Knowing Is Believing, Nearly
Chapter 8/  Before the End of Time, Everything May Change
Chapter 9/  Nine, Code Name Nemesis


The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

Now that the end of time has shown itself as a prime number, Nine may reveal the mysteries of love, nemesis, creative minimalism and the gleam of opalescent truth in every aspect of being. Join the Pleiadian Renegades in Opalescence for a romp through understanding as you have never known it to be, the one true dimensional shift that heads straight for the heart of all. Treasures await.

Greet the light of a new day. It’s time to awaken to a new world.

This divinely inspired, very human, and thoroughly Pleiadian book triggers awakening to timeless truths about our place in the cosmic assembly of life. Enter the dawning era of sentient awareness of a greatly expanded landscape of human interaction, technology, scientific understanding, and knowledge of essential human history with the League of Light as guides.

Opalescence has been called indispensable, a bible, a wealth of galactic knowledge. Many people have written to say how much it’s changed their lives, impacted their understanding at very deep levels. It’s full of deep wisdom and playful storytelling designed to expand and awaken. A compendium of high philosophy that’s amazingly down to earth, it’s a treasury you’ll want to read again and again… and which will be different with every reading.

The end of time has shown itself as a prime number: Nine may reveal the mysteries of love, nemesis, creative minimalism and the gleam of opalescent truth. #opalescence #opalescentnine #ninespath #pleiadiandivinity Click To Tweet
Opalescence Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity Pleiadian book

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“Pure love and joy! I loved this read [Opalescence]. It was a breath of fresh needed air in an otherwise smog-filled sky. I found it to be hilarious, insightful and poignant. I laughed and cried through this melodrama of the self. I can hardly wait to find out what happens next! I am sure as the sun always shines that it will be a riveting tale.” — JK

“I came to this book, Opalescence, from a study of spiritual writers of the modern times, such as Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer to name a few. [They] endowed spiritual gifts through their writings on me which I am deeply grateful for, but if those writers give me wings to fly, Maryann Rada’s book allowed me to soar.” — Barry McEvoy

“I would highly recommend this book, Opalescence, for anyone on their journey to spiritual awakening. This book is a work of spiritual art that contains a wealth of galactic knowledge, philosophy and higher thought forms. The use of anecdotes to teach a new paradigm of thought is one of my favorite attributes of this book. The stories illustrate the teaching points quite beautifully and make the whole book flow. There is an amazing energy felt while reading this book and it will accelerate your awakening even if you don’t understand it all. A great read that will challenge your reality and assist you in forming a new one of great beauty if you just open your heart and mind to new information about your true divinity and the real history of our planet and race. If you are looking to prepare yourself for the coming shift, then this book should be required reading.” —Kaydee, Amazon Vine Voice

“More like an experience than a book. It will take you exactly where you need to go and tie up all those pesky loose ends along the way.” —Marissa T.

“I just finished Opalescence. Wow. Loved it!!! Have had my nose buried in it the past two days, a big read. Reaffirming for me in every way. All the concepts presented reinforced what I understood about the way reality works that I had acquired/intuited along my path. Nothing conflicted at all which was incredibly affirming for me. Plus new information specific to Pleiadians and galactic history. Thank you!! Maryann you are wonderful at presenting information in a way that is loving and heart-centered, you big ole Pleiadian you!” —Bill Houston

“I am deeply appreciative to have found your Opalescence book and am getting close to halfway through it for the first time. I feel much relief at this ‘new’ input. Thank you so very much for all you have given and all you do, all you be.” —Carrie M.

Introduction: Meeting Old Friends
Introduction by Nine: Meet the Pleiadian Renegades

1      Love Is Nine’s Manifested Reality, and So Are You
2      Creation of Soul
3      Nine Distinct Levels of Reality
4      A Pleiadian Home Movie: Your Life in Multi-D
5      Book of Knowledge of OM
6     A Simulation in Weirdness: A Dream of Odd Address
7      On a Dream and a Prayer
8     Land of Love and Peace
9     Order Leads to Chaos: Nine Reality No-No’s
10    Do As Thou Lovest
11    Sado-Masochism Spaces You Out
12    The Order of Divine Drama Is a Comic Space Story
13    World Evolutionary Stories Are So Thrown Together These Days
14    You Are the Answer to God’s Question
15    Drive West of Downtown and East of Beyond
16    What of Choice?
17    Maybe Our Home Is Here — or, Out of Sight, Out of Mind
18    Perchance a Dream
19    You are Real, of Course
20    Chip Off the Old Block
21    Odd Coincidence How We Met
22    Who You Are Is Knowing

did you know?

Pleiadian Book Fact

The Pleiadian Renegades are a collective of beings from a high-frequency, low-density reality that sources from the light of the sun of Alcyone. They are human beings of a higher level of awareness and come to our realm of awareness now as midwives for our collective transformation into the consciousness of divinity. They do this with great love, humor, and depth of understanding.

Core Matrix Change

Insight for a New Conscious Unified Visioning

With the high wisdom of stellar races of man who long ago established a peaceful world free from forces seeking to subjugate them come these words:

You have everything to begin a new world.

“The pivot-point around which revolutionary ideas and events spin is the ground zero for massive change. Core change. It is within the singularity of revolution that worlds in collision create entire new realities, and it is in the instant of finding one’s consciousness pin-pointed in that singularity that time no longer exists. In the collapse of some structure of reality, everything seems to happen at once, time dilation stretches out the now-moment indefinitely, and you step out of your role and redefine yourself according to more enhanced understanding gained in the experience of dissolution and emergence.”

Thus begins the process of core matrix change: the absolute and total dimensional realignment of what we see as reality. Explore the intricacies of such a revolution, enjoy the rich tapestry of story and code woven into the words, and enter into knowing the true meaning of what higher consciousness recognizes as fully human being.

This is a handbook for a new revolution… no less than the transformation and full empowerment of humanity.

Core Matrix Change Pleiadian book

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“Esoteric insight combined with practical participatory solutions. Once again Maryann has combined great insight with practical solutions. She, in conjunction with our stellar family, beautifully describes what is happening in this reality and how we can participate in the magic of transmutation and transformation of seeming chaos into the beautiful world that all who have found their way to these pages have dreamed of for millennia.” — customer

“High-level spiritual teachings. If you are a fan of Maryann’s other books, you will be delighted with the depth and richness of this soul lifting manual! If you have never read any of her books, I recommend this one, as well as all the rest, if spiritual Ascension is your goal. The Pleiadian teachings are of the highest quality and full of the loving energies of our galactic brothers and sisters. It is rare to find soul level self improvement literature, but alas here it is! Enjoy every bit of it.” —Kaydee

“A story about endless love in a time of transformation. Such a beautiful book…it brings peace of mind and heart, and the knowing while reading each sentence, that everything is ok, perfect as it is because of the way everything is configured and how everything moves. The rapture that brings the realization of endless love.” — customer

“Five stars. Awesome most relevant information for these times we live in.” — customer

Introduction to Insight
Low and Slow
Angelic Vision
Memory and Projection
Mind of Man
Someone Else’s Shoes
Mother and Father
Taking It to the Limit

Garden of Unknowable Things

A Renegade Pleiadian Lexicon
If the history of the world were written in language that made sense, what would that look like?

Here is a starting point for understanding the reality of human existence in a bold new way. The Pleiadian Renegades, a group consciousness of humans who are in communication with our world, have been saying that it’s time for us to have a greater understanding of what it means to be human. Human being. Human doing. It has been a long time since the race of humanity has had a fair shot at truly living up to the name, and that time is coming around again, as human consciousness awakens from dormancy enforced by a rational interpretation based on expediency, based on political entrainment, religious indoctrination, and mass hypnosis.

If you are one of the many humans now awakening to the potential that doesn’t let go of what it means to remember what human means, then this is the book for you. Illustrated throughout with engravings from alternate timelines, encoded to release the latent memories of humanity. Understanding awaits the meeting of your mind within these pages. Embark on a journey with the Renegades, and release the world you have known for one that beckons your inner focus to come into being.

Garden of Unknowable Things Pleiadian book

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“I read it every day. Amazing revelations! ‘Love does just what the essence of anything does for it to be itself.’” — R. Neville Johnston, author, The Language Codes

“Excellent. This book at first glance seems to be a simple lexicon, but upon closer examination reveals a text so full of deeper understanding. Many times throughout my reading I would have to re-read a phrase or sentence to fully understand the concept that was being conveyed. This is a beautifully rich and elegantly written group of teachings, that, should one choose to fully digest and integrate, will elevate the reader in their spiritual journey in a quest for higher understandings. Deeply enjoyed this book! Thank you!” —Kaydee

“A wonderful gathering of prose meaning. This one asks for time.” —M.B.

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