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As long as memory stretches, I’ve been fascinated by mythology. I devoured everything I could find, and early on was a fan of Joseph Campbell. From there, everything could make sense. It seemed the fabric upon which was woven the story of humanity, where abstract designs could become patterns and through which the story of humanity makes sense. Folklore too, and fairy tales have secrets. These are the repositories of memory and magic, the maps back to the lost histories that in regaining we become whole.


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European Mythology

In understanding myths, we understand ourselves, connect with ancestors and lost histories.

The Arthurian Legends: Merlin
Tracing the Cailleach: Myths, Megaliths, and Astronomy
A Brief Look at Irish Mythology

An entertaining, fun, and thorough look at some of the key elements of Irish myth and lore.

Slavic Mythology

In understanding myths, we understand ourselves, connect with ancestors and lost histories.

A Brief Look at Slavic Mythology

One of the most entertaining overviews I’ve seen!

Slavic Mythology

“One who knows the past controls the future.”

Middle Eastern & Egyptian Mythology

In understanding myths, we understand ourselves, connect with ancestors and lost histories.

26,000 Year-Old Sumerian History Inexplicable

26,000 years is a long time. We need to remember some things. This video, from tablets preserved by Marduk in the Golden City, covers a lot of that, including Ezekiel’s vision of flying wheels. From ViperTV. Amazing, lush photos throughout this video, and stories of ETs, UFOs, and gods.

Sumerians Tell a Very Different Version than the Historians: Their Words are Inexplicable

An in-depth retelling of creation stories from ancient Sumeria unveils some hidden knowledge about the solar system and planetary character… how did they know? From ViperTV.

Book of Ra: Creation Story
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    An elegant, artful, and mystifyingly beautiful presentation of the origins of all that is, from the Egyptian mythos.

    Explanations & Explorations

    Take a look at ideas that explore what may have given rise to what’s come through time as myth.

    Legends: Lost Stories

    Movies and more

    Morozko (“Jack Frost”) Remastered, English Dub

    Remastered in intense detail, dubbed in English for those who’d rather not deal with subtitles.

    Morozko Classic Russian Tale (subtitled)

    A delightful and touching film featuring some typical Russian figures, including Jack Frost and Baba Yaga, plus the merry mushroom man. This 1964 classic is a Christmastime standard in Russia. One of our family’s favorites!

    Marya Morvena: Traditional Russian Folktale
    The Rite of Spring: Joffrey Ballet Reconstruction


    From Nine’s Path

    Continue exploring the past on Nine’s Path. This link leads to collected writings and more by Maryann and the League of Light.



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