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As long as memory stretches, I’ve been fascinated by mythology. I devoured everything I could find, and early on was a fan of Joseph Campbell. From there, everything could make sense. It seemed the fabric upon which was woven the story of humanity, where abstract designs could become patterns and through which the story of humanity makes sense. Folklore too, and fairy tales have secrets. These are the repositories of memory and magic, the maps back to the lost histories that in regaining we become whole.


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In understanding myths, we understand ourselves, connect with ancestors and lost histories.

Playlist: Myth
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A collection of various aspects of mythology traces the roots of understanding through science and history.

The Seed of Yggdrasil
Playlist: The Seed of Yggdrasill
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The series “Hidden Messages in Old Norse Myths” by Maria Kvilhaug (LadyoftheLabyrinth) in chronology. Much more to explore on her channel.

Book of Ra: Creation Story
Book of Ra - The Creation Story
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An elegant, artful, and mystifyingly beautiful presentation of the origins of all that is, from the Egyptian mythos.

Slavic Mythology
Slavic Mythology
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“One who knows the past controls the future.”

Legends: Lost Stories

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Legend of Atlantis (Golden Films)
The Legend Of Atlantis Golden Films
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A charming animated film, yet one that may hold some triggers of remembrance.
The Rite of Spring: Joffrey Ballet Reconstruction
Rite of Spring: Joffrey Ballet Reconstruction
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From Nine’s Path

Continue exploring the past on Nine’s Path. This link leads to collected writings and more by Maryann and the League of Light.


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