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Ancient Memory

There’s a passage in my book Opalescence that describes a setting in which fireballs fall from the sky as terrified people make a mad dash for cover. It hearkens back to a primordial world strewn with megaliths and magic, stationed in legend, myth, and carefully curated traditions as a time of cataclysm and global destruction. I think this is what many of the stone structures were for, those that still stand as mute witnesses of forgotten episodes of human experience.

Megaliths. Dolmens and stone caves, caverns both hewn and laid stone by stone by ancient hands. One aspect of my work traces these threads of memory that yet live in our human code. A great part of my work is dedicated to the act of remembrance. Part of that involves exploring this potential avenue of very, very old history. Retreat with me into the caverns of memory to explore that precious thread of our shared story, that it may live and teach us how to move forward with grace and fulfill the prayers of our ancestors to move into a golden age again.


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Lost Civilizations, Atlantis, Tartaria, and More

Some of the most mind-bending, memory-triggering, awareness-opening material is in these playlists and linked channels. Set aside preconceptions of history and those things you were taught in school, and let your intellect guide you, and your intuition signal truth in what you find.

1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed
1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD)
Watch this video on YouTube.

Eric Cline explores the intricate history of total systemic & civilizational collapse in the Late Bronze Age Middle Eastern empires.

The Secrets of the Incas, part 1
The Secrets Of The Incas Part 1/2 Ancient Civilization - Full History Documentary
Watch this video on YouTube.

How did myth survive the Spanish conquistadors and the Catholic church, to come into the hands of someone astute enough to decipher an astounding deeper meaning and corroborate it with science and history? An amazing journey into the deep past of the Inca empire… and the Milky Way.

The Secrets of the Incas, part 2
The Secrets Of The Incas Part 2/2 Ancient Civilization - Full History Documentary
Watch this video on YouTube.

Bill Sullivan discovers that the ancient Inca myths have been translated into physical representations created in the natural landscape, demonstrating how potent and integrated Inca culture was.

When the Survivors of Atlantis Wake Up
Playlist: Survivors of Atlantis (Sylvie)
Watch this playlist on YouTube

Sylvie Ivanova‘s (NewEarth) pioneering work opened wide the study of forgotten high culture, technologies, peoples, our past and future. When I first encountered these videos, I waited impatiently for the next episode to be uploaded, and each one was like a feast for my mind and heart. So much remembrance triggered, so much sense made… Many of the original videos have since been re-recorded to improve sound quality and tighten the viewing experience. Those original videos that still exist are added at the end of the playlist, so if you’d like to experience those, just zip down through the video panel to those (they are noted as “original version”). I hope you enjoy these as much as I have, and still do. Be sure to explore more of her channel, as there is much to appreciate, very deeply. I’m grateful for Sylvie and what she’s brought to humanity in this work. Her website:

Lost Ancient Super Civilizations
Lost Ancient Super Civilizations
Watch this video on YouTube.

So very much to explore on this channel…

Megaliths and Strange Things

Were there really giants in those days? There were certainly giant structures, which we with all our grand technological exploits, cannot replicate today. You may be familiar with some of the bigger sites (pardon the pun), but it’s likely there are some you’ve not come across before, in the information you find here. It’s a fascinating, exhilarating, and mind-bending journey.

Frederick Bligh Bond: Supernatural Archaeology
Frederick Bligh Bond | Unexplained (Supernatural Archaeology Documentary) | Timeline
Watch this video on YouTube.

A Timeline documentary looking at an early 20th century archaeologist who used automatic writing to uncover lost secrets of Glastonbury Abbey.

Curiosities: Atlantean Gardens
Playlist: Robert Sepehr: Histories
Watch this playlist on YouTube
What’s Inside the Sumerian Bag?
What's Inside the Sumerian Bag? Secret Knowledge of a Lost Ancient Civilisation | Ancient Architects
Watch this video on YouTube.

A curiosity that spans centuries and continents

Enigmas and Megaliths
Playlist: Enigmas & Megaliths
Watch this playlist on YouTube

My own collection, ever growing.
Playlist: 🗿🗿
Watch this playlist on YouTube

New Chronology and Timelines

History, as it’s oft said, is written by the victors. How much is lost? What’s been erased, eradicated, and hidden from sight? It doesn’t take many generations to lose the thread completely. Explore some fascinating theories and observations, and rethink how you think about time and the traces left to us to read. Be aware, this is rabbit-hole territory!

Anatoly Fomenko Resources
Resources, study the Survivors yourself, Anatoly Fomenko for foreigners, New Chronology
Watch this video on YouTube.

Study the information on the New Chronology for yourself, with an introduction/overview video from Sylvie and a selection of links to follow.

Timeline Based on Historic Sites
Historic Timeline Based on Historic Sites & Artefacts Instead of Blind Belief in the Quakademia
Watch this video on YouTube.

If you have seen many NewEarth videos already, skip the introduction and start watching at minute 4. Many links.

Timelines of Earth’s Theatre
Timelines of Earth's Theatre (The Earth's History at a Glance)
Watch this video on YouTube.

From NewEarth: This is the Earth’s history at a glance, at least to the best of my knowledge so far… so many new things emerge now and so fast… it is very much opened to changes. Thanks for your understanding and patience during my own learning process.

Purple Dawn: Primordial World

This one’s a pretty deep and convoluted rabbit hole, so enter at your own risk. I can’t say that everything presented here makes sense to me, and some of it seems rather unreasonable… but staying with it is well worth the little bit of time it takes to get to sensibility. Even if that’s still on the preposterous side, from mainstream thinking. Without exploration, you get stuck with what you’re fed. Threads which this theory aims to tie up: Saturn polar configuration (science), aquatic human, development of various humanoid races, ancient gods.

Human Origin, Purple Dawn & Saturn Theory, Genesis, Ganymede Hypothesis, Electric Universe
Human Origin, Purple Dawn & Saturn Theory, Genesis, Ganymede Hypothesis, Electric Universe, Part I
Watch this video on YouTube.
Human Origin, Purple Dawn & Saturn Theory, Genesis, Ganymede Hypothesis, Electric Universe, Part II
Watch this video on YouTube.
Human Origin, Purple Dawn & Saturn Theory, Genesis, Ganymede Hypothesis, Electric Universe, Part III
Watch this video on YouTube.

Vestiges of Primordial Memory

Artifacts of a world alive, yet invisible to time.

The Message of the Tibetans
The Message Of The Tibetans - Full Color Documentary in English
Watch this video on YouTube.

This extraordinary documentary film from the year 1966 portrays the lives of various people in many Tibetan communities in exile. The documentary touches upon every single aspect of traditional Tibetan life and culture, including Music, Medicine, Food, Art, Architecture, Religion, Yoga, Meditation and more. The film is by acclaimed French director Arnaud Desjardins

The Last Druid
The Last Druid - Documentary on Ben McBrady of The Old Gaelic Order
Watch this video on YouTube.

Ben McBrady, known as Brady of the Name and Herenach of the Two Kilmores, was Aircinneac and Herenach of a pre-Druid Megalithic Order called “The Old Gaelic Order,” often referred to simply as “The Order.” Ben McBrady is believed to have been the last member of “The Old Gaelic Order.” Because of this he was called “The Last Druid.” He passed away in January of 1996. Ben McBrady was a descendant of Lugar MacLugair (Lughaid mac Loeguire), who was Chief Druid of Ireland and Druid to the High King Leary and the Kings of Leinster. Lugar MacLugair was also believed to have been a member of “The Old Gaelic Order.”

Cathar Encodements: Lo Boiér
Hymn of the Cathars "Lo boièr" (Le bouvier - The cattle herder)
Watch this video on YouTube.

The text of this Cathar hymn contains an encoded message, Joana being the medieval Cathar church, which has been weakened and finally eliminated in Southern France (Occitanie) through the horrible Albigensian crusade. The spiritual essence of the Cathars is still vibrating in caves and waters. See translations from these Occitan verses at the YouTube link.

1. Can lou bouyè ben de laoura, Planto soun agulhado, A.E.I.O.U. Planto soun agulhado.
2. Troubo sa femno al pè del foc, Touto déscounsoulado.
3. “Se ‘n es malaouto digas oc, Te faren un poutadzé.
4. Amb uno rabo un caoulét, Uno laouzéto magro.”
5. “Quan séraï morto rébound mé, Al pus pirou de la cabo.
6. Méttras mous pès à la parét, Lou cap jous la canèlo.
7. E lous roumious que passaran, Prendran d’aïgo ségnado.”
8. E diran: “Cal es mort aïci, Es la paouro Joana.
9. Que ‘n es anado al paradis, Al cèl ambé sas cabros.”

Peoples, Bloodlines, Tribes

People and Bloodlines Playlist
Playlist: People & Culture
Watch this playlist on YouTube

Spanning lesser-known peoples and their movements and relationships through time, including Sami, Central Asian, Slavic and others.

The Redheads of New Zealand
'The Redheads' New Zealand Ancient History Documentary
Watch this video on YouTube.
Another case of myth being proven factual. There is now strong evidence pointing at the Maori and Celts coming out of Persia in one of the first waves of migration from the middle east shortly after the flood.
Bloodlines & Cultures: Robert Sepehr
Playlist: Robert Sepehr
Watch this playlist on YouTube

A selection of videos by Robert Sepehr for reflection on lost histories of races known as Atlantean, Tartarian and others… are they lost?


Forgotten Civilizations

Great Tartaria maps zip file (download from NewEarth) Remembering Our True Origin (Sylvie Ivanova’s NewEarth website)

Tartary Nova (Discord access)

Forgotten Origins (Australia)

Chronology (Fomenko)

From Nine’s Path

Continue exploring ancient memory on Nine’s Path. This link leads to collected writings and more by Maryann and the League of Light.


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