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Ancient Memory

There’s a passage in my book Opalescence that describes a setting in which fireballs fall from the sky as terrified people make a mad dash for cover. It hearkens back to a primordial world strewn with megaliths and magic, stationed in legend, myth, and carefully curated traditions as a time of cataclysm and global destruction. I think this is what many of the stone structures were for, those that still stand as mute witnesses of forgotten episodes of human experience.

Megaliths. Dolmens and stone caves, caverns both hewn and laid stone by stone by ancient hands. One aspect of my work traces these threads of memory that yet live in our human code. A great part of my work is dedicated to the act of remembrance. Part of that involves exploring this potential avenue of very, very old history. Retreat with me into the caverns of memory to explore that precious thread of our shared story, that it may live and teach us how to move forward with grace and fulfill the prayers of our ancestors to move into a golden age again.


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Lost Civilizations, Atlantis, and More

Some of the most mind-bending, memory-triggering, awareness-opening material is in these playlists and linked channels. Set aside preconceptions of history and those things you were taught in school, and let your intellect guide you, and your intuition signal truth in what you find.

Magicians of the Gods: Graham Hancock
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    Frank Joseph: Atlantis in the Azores
    1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed
    Lemuria Discovered: Lost Continent of Kumari Kandam
    The Secrets of the Incas 1
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      The Secrets of the Incas 2
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        Lost Super Civilizations
        Our History Has Been Re-Written: Great Tartaria

        Thrilled to bring you Sylvie Ivanova’s original videos on this important piece of lost history!

        Star Fort Mystery: Protective Vibrations

        Consider the form and function of star forts respective of sound, cymatics, fractals, and location.

        Vibrations: Labyrinths

        Sound tech and labyrinths, healing, high energy, and more… how was this used in the ancient past?

        Megaliths and Strange Things

        Were there really giants in those days? There were certainly giant structures, which we with all our grand technological exploits, cannot replicate today. You may be familiar with some of the bigger sites (pardon the pun), but it’s likely there are some you’ve not come across before, in the information you find here. It’s a fascinating, exhilarating, and mind-bending journey.

        Unsolved Mysteries of the Past
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        Cosmic Patterns & Cycles of Catastrophe
        Regina Meredith: Evidence of Giants in Sardinia
        Frederick Bligh Bond: Supernatural Archaeology

        Rewriting History

        History, as it’s oft said, is written by the victors. How much is lost? What’s been erased, eradicated, and hidden from sight? It doesn’t take many generations to lose the thread completely. Explore some fascinating theories and observations, and rethink how you think about time and the traces left to us to read. Be aware, this is rabbit-hole territory!

        Distortion of History: Illumination & Mercury

        Liquid mercury boosts transmission signals, Eiffel Tower is one example of many… and evidence that cities were illuminated with free electricity hundreds of years ago.

        Purple Dawn: Primordial World

        This one’s a pretty deep and convoluted rabbit hole, so enter at your own risk. I can’t say that everything presented here makes sense to me, and some of it seems rather unreasonable… but staying with it is well worth the little bit of time it takes to get to sensibility. Even if that’s still on the preposterous side, from mainstream thinking. Without exploration, you get stuck with what you’re fed. Threads which this theory aims to tie up: Saturn polar configuration (science), aquatic human, development of various humanoid races, ancient gods.

        Human Origins & Ganymede Hypothesis (I & II)

        Greg Jay interviews Troy McLachlan and Ted Holden about their Ganymede theory

        Remembering the End of the World

        The original documentary on Dave Talbott’s work reconstructing celestial events in ancient times.

        Human Origin, Purple Dawn & Saturn Theory, Genesis, Ganymede Hypothesis, Electric Universe

        Peoples, Bloodlines, Tribes

        Scythian Moral Philosophy: Arkadash
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          The Redheads of New Zealand: Pt. 1
          The Message of the Tibetans
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            From Nine’s Path

            Continue exploring ancient memory on Nine’s Path. This link leads to collected writings and more by Maryann and the League of Light.


            ancient memory maryann rada

            Forgotten Civilizations

            Great Tartaria maps zip file (download from NewEarth)

   Remembering Our True Origin (Sylvie Ivanova’s NewEarth website)

            Tartary Nova (Discord access)

            Forgotten Origins (Australia)




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              Well, you seem to mean well. There are billions of people living in a mist of delusion, and so of course am I. But I see the mist, or at least am aware of it, ever-changing, drawing energy and substance from societies and cultures, from false histories reified into religions and traditions and new age movements, and intense misguided desires. You talk to entities that ain’t really there, as far as I can tell, invented entities born from your own consciousness. Sure, have fun, why not? I talk to ants and lizards and ravens. No, I do not mean to be negative, as you mean only to be loving and positive. I am roaming WordPress blogs and leaving comments here and there, as a quarantine coping activity.


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