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There’s never been a better time to go beyond releasing the program. Time to reboot the system.

There’s an astrological event coming up–a solar eclipse conjunct the moon’s south nodes–which has added some spice to an already spicy world drama kicking up. I’m no expert, just following along the information that comes in front of me. Paying attention, as the League of Light regularly reminds us to do. I think of it as a reminder on the celestial alarm clock. An opportunity to partner with cosmic forces to get right before things get more intense. More on that further on. Let’s get to the point of it all.

Going Beyond Letting Go

One of the greatest exercises the League of Light has downloaded to my mind and yours is “Releasing the Program“. If you’re new to the concept, start here and read up on it. I lost track of how many people have said it’s had a surprisingly beneficial effect on their lives, so you might want to give it a try. Couldn’t be an easier way to shedding baggage you’re not even aware you’re carrying.

Last night, the idea came that it’s time to go beyond that now. All in. Which means, all has to be shed. Not just programs that are running in the background of your life. And not just releasing them. Being done altogether. Whew, well, if it’s spiritual transformation that we want, there does come a point of entering into nothingness. If you’re ready, proceed.

  • Release all programs.
  • Dump memory.
  • Clear cache.
  • Dissolve background/automated/daemon processes.
  • Wipe all software configurations.
  • Dismantle frameworks.
  • Merge partitions.
  • Free algorithms.
  • Detach dependencies/statements/intent.
  • Remove core operating system.
  • Give back user’s manual.

Prepare to reboot…

Awaiting Input

After this, and adding whatever other steps to fully wrest yourself from programmatic thinking, you may feel totally untethered. By this point, your contact list has likely already cleared itself out. Now unplug. Turn your awareness toward the inner state. From there, allow your being to observe. Plug in there.

Now, the reboot.

  • Self-assemble from divinity.

That’s it. Just kick that off and let it run. Don’t worry about your neighbor (as Anica reminds us), nor about religion or justice or history. All of that is part of the framework you just ditched. If you need to go back and release more, do it, then come back to “self-assemble from divinity”.

Releasing Religion and Other Frameworks

Religion, as with spiritual tradition, science, philosophical trends, and other such things, are frameworks that can anchor programming but with such sweetness there can be a reluctance to include them in the dismantling of systems. If you’re feeling reticent about letting go your sacred cow, relax. While you can be separated from illusions, patterns, habits, and lies, you can not be separated from Truth. What is, remains. Far from losing friendships with holy guides, you may find yourself more authentically identifying with what the avatar truly represents. So don’t be afraid to release religion programs, however they may take shape for you. In the final analysis, the truth is going to reveal itself anyway, so clearing debris out of the way is only going to facilitate that experience for you.

This is the beauty of “self-assemble from divinity”. Each of us carries a beacon to home, the source code of the soul. It is from this seed that the assembly proceeds, for each individually. Without the interference patterns of programs put in place by television shows, school codes, sports, news, and the splintered fabric of religious systematization, that core divine spark unfurls creation through each sovereign being. Nonsense aside, the result can be truly self-aware, empowered humanity.

A Note about the Stars

My understanding of astrology is this: The astrological imprint which takes form at the moment of birth represents a magnetic dynamic through which the individual experiences life and which pushes and pulls one toward divine self-understanding, and ultimately reconnection with the Self. In other words, the planets, stars, and the relationships between them, magnetically or otherwise, weave a loom of attraction/repulsion, empty/full, strong/weak threads within the individual’s matrix. These threads guide the embodied consciousness back to full awareness through tailored patterns and dynamic encounters. There’s an intelligence to it that I can’t explain outside the system of simulation, but for now that will have to do, for there’s something we’d do well to consider just now.

A solar eclipse, like the one on October 14, represents a door opening. Traditional astrologers advise against looking at eclipses, even with eye protection, so keep that in mind. Just know that things are happening. The south node conjunction signals a time of offloading of karmic patterns, life-long habits of thought or being. So basically, dump the old and go. This is what I’ve gleaned from paying attention to what the professionals have said.

Ready? Go!

It really feels like we’re standing at the precipice of change. What that will mean, no one knows. How can we possibly know what will be when we haven’t been there yet? Remember back to a time before you had a major life change, how you could have had no idea at all what awaited you. You wouldn’t have understood even if someone from the future came to tell you what your life was going to be like. Only when you went through the transformation and came out the other side did you fully appreciate who you had become. It’s like that now. All of the transmissions from the League of Light, all the stories, the guidance, the cryptic messages they’ve shared have been like echoes from a future we can’t possibly understand until we get there.

Well, I think at this moment we’re standing at the edge of knowing. Our toes are already in the transformation; it’s whirling around us as a great chaotic vortex engulfing our shared Now. There’s no room for extra baggage, only for what you carry within. No room for fear, regret, or information from dead nodes. The old is dissolving. Soon it will be no more. Shed what you can and leave it behind. Time will take care of it, like fertilizer for a new earth.

Post your comments below, or share your experiences in the Pleiadian Renegades FB group or the Nine’s Path Telegram chat!

Have you seen the “Release the Program” meditation? It’s also powerful, and quick and effective. See it here.

Our toes are already in the transformation; it's whirling around us as a great chaotic vortex engulfing our shared Now. There's no room for extra baggage. #healingmeditation #ninespath #pleiadian Click To Tweet


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