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Divine Connection

I hardly know how to introduce the concept of divine connection. When faced with putting something into words here, I am faced with an encompassing, perfectly eloquent silence. It is within that silence that knowledge of divinity arises, after all. I think, perhaps, it’s best to let it go at that, and merely have the information below speak for itself.

However, I must bring to your attention that an understanding of divinity is incomplete without meeting Nemesis. To that end, I invite you to explore the concepts being added to the “Unbreaking” section. We all have some reality to come to terms with, sometimes very, very close to home.


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Chants and Prayers

Sri Guru Gita (182 verses)
Shree Guru Gita in Ganeshpuri, 182 verses in Sanskrit, video of the chant with link to the text pdf
Watch this video on YouTube.

This long, complex, and very old text may seem challenging, but dedication to reciting it has a grace of its own. I’ve had the good fortune to count some of my best teachers and healers among those who are devoted to this chant and lineage.

Jesus Prayer
Russian Orthodox Chant: Молитва Иисусова/The Jesus Prayer
Watch this video on YouTube.
Russian Orthodox chant known as the Jesus Prayer where the line “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”
Deepest OM
THE DEEPEST OM || 108 Times || Peaceful OM Mantra Meditation
Watch this video on YouTube.

Very deep and soothing OM Mantra Chants recited 108 Times.

Sri Mrityunjaya Mantra
Sri Mrutyunjaya Mantra
Watch this video on YouTube.

This is the version I was taught by Ammaji (Sri Karunamayi Amma) in San Diego. She is a wonderful teacher!

The Prayer Life of Quakers
The Prayer Life of Quakers
Watch this video on YouTube.

Quintessential inner divine connection, explained.

Angelic Music
Angelic spiritual music, meditation chants, angels singing, angelic songs, song 1 of 5,
Watch this video on YouTube.

OM Namah Shivaya

The Great Redeeming Mantra, the one which initiated me through shaktipat into a bigger concept of self than I had previously found through religion, and which brought me home again to it, in a more satisfyingly expansive way.

Craig Pruess
craig pruess - om nama shivaya .mpeg
Watch this video on YouTube.

This slow, deep chant will open your breath. Very powerful! A very mystical version.

Krishna Das
Krishna Das Music Video "Om Namah Shivaya"
Watch this video on YouTube.
108 Times: Gurumaa
Om Namah Shivaya | 108 Times Chanting | Shiva Mantra
Watch this video on YouTube.
30 Minutes: Ravi Shankar
Sacred Om Namah Shivaya Chant of God Shiva by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (30 min Version)
Watch this video on YouTube.
Muktananda: The Guru’s Touch (Playlist)
Playlist: Mix - Muktananda - The Gurus Touch (Full Movie About Shaktipat & Kundalini)
Watch this playlist on YouTube

Classic vintage video about Baba Muktananda and the experience of shaktipat, followed by several other videos of the Siddha tradition.

With Images of Babaji
Teachings of Babaji
Watch this video on YouTube.


Gnosis: Direct Knowing

Nag Hammadi Texts (William Henry)
William Henry | The Lost Spiritual Technology of the Angels | Full Lecture | Origins 2016
Watch this video on YouTube.
This is one of the greatest discoveries of all time. The fortuitous discovery of a mysterious jar deep in the Egyptian wilderness containing ancient secret books. But the story does not end there. William Henry explores clues of what is commonly called “ascension” and the mechanics of transformation.
Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds (Playlist)
Playlist: Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds Movie, 2012, (Full HD Quality)
Watch this playlist on YouTube

Episodes include Akasha, The Spiral, The Serpent and the Lotus, and Beyond Thinking.

Body, Mind, Spirit

Spiritual Reality: Power of Meditation
Spirituality reality power of meditation English || Yoga || HD
Watch this video on YouTube.

One of the best meditation videos I’ve found. Covers Cosmic Energy, Meditation, Etheric Body, Pyramid Power, Space, Third Eye, Astral Body and Astral Travel, Nirvana, Life after Life, Enlightenment

Playlist: Samadhi - Movie (English) Parts 1 & 2, and Guided Meditations
Watch this playlist on YouTube
Origins & Practices Playlist
Playlist: Origins & Practices
Watch this playlist on YouTube

Explore the roots of Tibetan yoga. Check in for updates to the playlist!

Swimming Dragon Qigong
Watch this video on YouTube.

A short and easy full-body qigong routine to add life to your day.

Anusara Yoga: John Friend
John Friend - Anusara Grand Gathering
Watch this video on YouTube.
Fractality: Science to the Soul
Fractality - Science to the Soul | Dan Winter
Watch this video on YouTube.


Narcissistic Abuse: An Unspoken Reality
Narcissistic Abuse: An Unspoken Reality (Short Documentary)
Watch this video on YouTube.

A short documentary

Narcissism/BPD Playlist
Playlist: Narcissism & Other States
Watch this playlist on YouTube

Richard Grannon (Spartan Life Coach) has a practical, incisive approach to narcissism and related emotional states. Highly recommended in coming to understand relationships of all kinds, and in watching the world.

Bloodline Clearing Transmission
Bloodline Clearing Transmission: Clearing and Re-Aligning to a Higher Light
Watch this video on YouTube.

Clearing and Re-Aligning to a Higher Light. This remastered transmission is intended to put your bloodline on notice (both mother and father lines) that the whole bloodline is now shifting into a higher frequency of light. This shift will especially impact upon the past seven generations on either side. This transmission goes beyond giving notice to beginning the process of neutralising any programs or energies seeking expression through your reality that does not serve your soul’s path. Many unresolved energies can be surrendered into Source Light at this time. Patterns of abuse, emotional suppression, deep anger/grief, hurt, resentment, helplessness, violence and war can all be surrendered. The first stage is a clearing for seven generations. Then the transmission works to clear any deeper patterns from seven generations back into infinity. In particular it seeks to clear any old alien interference in the bloodline that at this time can be released.

Relax, It’s the Best Medicine!

If you’ve read much from the Pleiadians, you’ll notice they have a great sense of humor. It’s divine. Indulge and let go, break taboos, and find the funny side of things now and then. It’s liberating and helps you breathe 😁(Warning: Strong language ahead)

F*ck It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way
Watch this video on YouTube.
Yahyel Channeling: Time to Wake Up
Yahyel ET Channeling - Time to Wake Up - November 2019
Watch this video on YouTube.


From Nine’s Path

Continue divine exploration on Nine’s Path. These links lead to collected writings and more by Maryann and the League of Light.


divinity divine connection maryann rada

Divine Being

divinity divine connection maryann rada

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