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Bends of Light

Your Body Knows

Recently, I got a download of a healing meditation that’s extremely efficient. The essence of divine mechanics.

Think of this: Your body knows what to do, as an exquisitely engineered piece of divine machinery. Operating in multiple planes of experience, multiple dimensions of being, your corpus resolves a myriad of patterns into a coherent state of being. Ideally, that is. It’s a self-healing marvel, given the time and go-ahead to fix itself. The beauty of this simple meditation, to me, is that you give the instruction, get out of the way, and rest. It kicks into operation as you speak the words, and it keeps on going long after you finish the act of saying them:

My body is healing. I move out of the way.

My physical body is healing. I step aside.
My emotional body is healing. I observe quietly.
My mental body is healing. I don’t think about it.
My spiritual body is healing. I trust and wait.
My temporal body is healing. I know my self is coming together.

My body is healing. I move out of the way. It knows what it’s doing.

See what happens when you truly just get out of the way of yourself and allow your body composite to do what it knows to do. This quick meditation covers all the main planes or layers of your body: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The temporal body is a surprise addition, which I didn’t understand at first. Consider it to be the slices of reality that you move through, and which sometimes get snagged or shattered through unresolved life experiences. Childhood or adolescent moments out of time that stick in your awareness as stops in the flow of whole self. Allowing this aspect of your body to heal (as it knows how to do) can afford more equilibrium in your sense of self within the continuum of being, and incorporate those shattered past experiences into the flow. This is how I understood it, as I allowed that part of the meditation to do its thing. It came with flashes of light as if I was speeding through a tunnel. Pretty trippy.

Finally, gather all these into the final statement, where they are understood as “my body”.

And yeah, you can definitely expand this to apply to the planet. It knows how to heal itself too. Just add “My planet’s _____ body is healing” to the statements.

It’s pretty simple, and highly effective. Post your comments below, or share your experiences in the Pleiadian Renegades FB group or the Nine’s Path Telegram chat!

Have you seen the “Release the Program” meditation? It’s also powerful, and quick and effective. See it here.

The beauty of this simple meditation is that you give the instruction, get out of the way, and rest. It kicks into operation as you speak. #healingmeditation #ninespath #pleiadian Share on X



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    TY dear friend, it seems like my healing times often come in the predawn as I naturally be a ……that light, love, power flow through. This seems a way of allowing healing with ease, to seed this as the flow of grace is initiated. And indeed She knows how to heal herself too.


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