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Math & Science

While I don’t claim to have any degree of mastery of math and science, I do have a deep respect for and intuitive understanding of them. As well as for those who can explain it all well. Some of my own writings (such as in Opalescence) are full of the stuff, and it’s really always been fascinating to me, despite my own math-phobia. So, as it’s all fun, here are some prime examples of subjects of higher reasoning for you to enjoy.

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Understanding Dimensions

Consideration of dimensions, whether mathematical, quantum, or metaphysical, is of endless fascination, by design. These should propel your thinking in a profitable direction for gaining a greater appreciation of all dimensions of… dimensions.

Quantum Theory Made Easy, Part 1
Quantum Theory Made Easy, Part 2

Easily digestible theory from King Crocoduck.

Fractals and Patterns

Fractality: Science to the Soul | Dan Winter

Science & Reality

Emergence Theory: A Layperson’s Guide
The Emergent Universe
Scientific Clues that We Are Living in the Matrix
Time, Space, Reality, and Entanglement
Post-Quantum Mechanics of Conscious Artificial Intelligence: Jack Sarfatti
Shape-Shifting Dinosaurs: Jack Horner



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