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UFOs & Contact

From UFOs and UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) to contact with people from off-world or out of time, this section explores some of the sightings and stories, the reality and the possibility of contact beyond.

For ongoing transmissions from the Pleiadians and others affiliated with the League of Light, be sure to visit Maryann’s website Nine’s Path. You’ll find plenty to explore designed to awaken memory and trigger realization of the full potential of being human within a galactic network of life.

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UFOs and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

If it’s not a plane, a bird, or Superman, those things in the sky might be UFOs or UAPs. Here are some of the best examples I can find of the more unique sightings.

Random Recent Sightings
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    UFOs: Official Pentagon Videos
    The Nimitz Sightings

    The story behind how the recently released Pentagon UFO videos came to be, from the people who saw the phenomena

    Real Tech

    The government has been working on the technology for a long time… antigravity, warp drives, time travel. Here we explore what we know.


    Extraterrestrials, extradimensionals, extratemporals, people from other places and times. Contact and understanding.

    Lisette Larkin: The Truth Behind ET Contact
    Cayce: Unseen Forces Greater than the Seen
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      UFO Secret: Contact with Time Travelers
      Alien HumanKind: The Experiment

      Sure to challenge the foundations of how humanity has been led to believe things are, this series sources from material originally found in KGB notebooks.

      Making Contact

      Time Travel



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