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Release Chakra Programs

Ready to spin the wheel of program release again? Let’s look at the chakras.

As releasing the program goes, this may be the most powerful yet. That might be more of a function of the time we’re in than what it is… as timing is everything, and we are in a volatile period of change. Powerful. While you read this and the other articles on this site about this technique, remember: releasing the program is about releasing everything that keeps you limited within a certain concept about who and what you are. It’s not about releasing the thing itself, just the limiting beliefs associated with it, most of which remain largely invisible until we call them out.

The last article was about releasing programs related to astrology. This one’s about the chakras, those energy centers that spin at the crossroads of core internal energy pathways. Let’s dive in.


Sit comfortably, quiet and still, relaxed. Let your awareness drift downward toward the earth beneath you. Let the connection establish. Sink from your central axis/spinal column into the planet, in a two-way relinquishing into and receiving from. Once you feel that, with your breath regular and steady, begin.

With the inbreath, think the word “release”, with the outbreath, “______ program”. Fill in the blank with words that go with each chakra, one at a time, moving up from the root. Spend time with each. After going through the suggested list below, and whatever comes up for you personally, as you feel contentment settle in with the release, move to the next chakra up. Let your breath guide you. Steady rhythm, inbreath-release, outbreath-program. Slow, steady, powerful. The words with each chakra relate to programs each may associate with, not so much what the chakras represent in pop culture or whatever… set all that aside.


In the list are the obvious associations, along with some others transmitted from the League of Light. Feel free to allow yourself to express whatever words or concepts arise, personally, as you do this with the breath. Take your time.

Begin with “Release chakra program.” Then proceed.

  • Root: survival (“release survival program”), death (“release death program”), mortality, certainty, blood
  • Sacral: sexuality, sacredness, prenatal, creativity, fire
  • Solar plexus: power, source, authority, divinity, light
  • Heart: love, righteousness, divine right, guidance, perfection
  • Throat: communication, release (yes, “release release program”), truth, respect, breath
  • Third eye: vision, conceptualization, understanding, projection, lens
  • Crown: divine connection, treaty, omniscience, zero point, joy

Releasing the program does not erase facts, nor does it un-do what you are. Rather, it liberates you from invisible compartments of self-knowing and allows you to be more fully authentic. For more on this practice, see this article.


Is it okay to allow your concept of chakras as an energetic system to dissolve? Some people have spoken about having no chakras, or removing them. This seems a bit drastic, and is not related at all to releasing the programs associated with what we may have learned about our energy bodies through yoga class or metaphysical healing. Even through individual study and contemplation, you may find there are alternate systems besides the standard 7-chakra framework with its colors, sounds, and symbols.

The first pendulum I ever owned is this lightweight glass one, perfectly weighted for measuring chakras.

The chakras listed here are the standard ones that are understood to be located—and measurable with a dowsing tool or sensitive hands—in the physical body. In truth, they are but a few. Our physical forms and the reality around us is full of vortexes of energy moving within and without, dimensionally and otherwise. Some of our own chakras exist “below” and “above” the physical body, from our perspective.

These concepts can become confusing and esoterically complex. Exploration leads to understanding. Releasing the programs received and learned frees the intelligence to experience the physical form’s energetics directly. Hence, this practice. Where it will lead is up to you. Enjoy the adventure this can kickstart!


Ideally, the mechanics of the chakras can become less of a focus, as the experience of the lightbody, the expanded human vehicle, or other spirit-in-physical-form things become apparent to core awareness. This does not mean they cease to be, nor that they become unimportant.

It’s like learning how to read. First, you learn the alphabet, then move onto phonemes, words, and meaningful prose. Similarly, the chakras are an elementary and very necessary component to meaningful engagement with all that you are. They are like your body’s alphabet. Chakras are like the letters in a sentence of words. Spelling matters, and punctuation.

Beginning a sentence with “I am… “, you can see how critical clearing the debris of belief systems and received programming can be! Especially as you consider moving from reading to writing: direct authenticity in relation to your physical energetics puts the pen in your hand to express in the language of light through your presence, powerfully, dynamically, and without looking back.

Expand on what you know, and don’t be intimidated by the blank page before you, cleared of pre-programmed formatting.


We’re talking about these and other fascinations in the Pleiadian Renegades group on Facebook, exploring and sharing experiences. Join us there. Your presence is welcome!

Also, a note of thanks for all who support this site and the work of the League of Light through me by tipping me coffee here.

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