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Bends of Light

My Complicated Relationship with Predictions

I predict some reading this will see the deeper wisdom in what the Pleiadians are saying here. Some won’t. There, I’m covered.

Starseeds Waiting…

For those of us who have been awakened for any period of time, be it decades or months, it can be very frustrating to wait, and wait, and wait for the game to change, for ignorance to fall, for the sleepers to wake up, already. The sense of impending change many have been feeling for all this time has indeed been met with wave after wave of incoming energies, yet sometimes it’s difficult to see just how much change is happening, and has happened. Case in point, well, take a look at the world, and compare it to how things were just before you yourself woke up.

Okay, so there has been change. Yet, we’re all waiting for something big. Any inkling that it’s time for that to happen, for many, has become a habitual skepticism. “Yeah, right” and “Here we go again with _____________” (fill in the blank with such terms as ET disclosure, financial reset, mass arrests, et cetera). I know that for myself, personally, I brush off such announcements. I’ve just seen too many of them fall flat.

In fact, that was the basis of my first published book, Remembrance: Pleiadian Messages in Preparation for Contact. It details from a very much “being there” point of view what happened when, in 2008, an announcement was made heralding the arrival of a fleet of ships in October. The anticipated date of arrival came and went, with nary a flying saucer spotted, and great was the disappointment. At the time, I was posting a lot of transmissions from the Pleiadian Renegades on the blog Opalescent Words. The Renegades held back from the general mania that was sweeping through the starseed world. When the dust settled in the disappointment following the October 14 no-show, they delivered some straight-up compassion in the form of the messages, “Right On Time” and “In Answer to Your Silent Questioning, We Speak” (both of which you can read in the book Remembrance).

It was a crazy time, really. Great time for waking up, for many. Looking back from ten years out, yeah a lot of reality changers were initiated then… Read the rest of this article on Nine’s Path

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