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What’s With All Those WordPress Blogs?

On June 9, just a few days after launching a new set of message transmissions called “Higher Orders” here on Nine’s Path, I created a new WordPress blog to go with it. This makes the… oh, I’ve lost count now! I’ve got quite a collection of WordPress blogs that have been around a while. Now seems like a good time to take a look at why, and to welcome yet another.

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A new site joins the LOL family

If you haven’t seen it yet, “Higher Orders” is online at Nine’s Path here (the WordPress blog is here). I’ve got a grand total of one post at the time of writing this, but more are on the way. I would like to tell you exactly what this collection of transmissions is going to be about, but I am as much on the edge of my seat as anyone else. The first message is from Michael and is suitably angelic, but most definitely not in shades of washed-out pastel coloring. It’s dynamic and engaging, and speaks of their origins and relationship with the Pleiadians and the League of Light. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

You can read the first post here: Making Light’s Own Form Known as Angels.


Long before Nine’s Path came into being as the website you see today, I first dipped my fingertips in the waters of posting online by creating my first WordPress blog. I started with the nuts and bolts of site creation on New Year’s Day 2008, with the blog Opalescent Words publishing its first post on January 3. Thus began a mad, wonderful year of transmissions from the Pleiadian Renegades, a witty and erudite group of extraterrestrial humans in service to the League of Light. The reception in the public was fantastic, coming out of nowhere and soon getting more than 10,000 hits a month. Eventually, that series of messages wound down, and the Pleiadians signaled that it was time for a new blog to collect a new set of transmissions. So, in 2009, the new blog Renegade Thoughts came into being, and the narrative continued.

Meanwhile, I’d started another WordPress blog, Garden of Unknowable Things, as a developing lexicon of Pleiadian insights into our shared language. Also, to round things out, Bends of Light became (and continues to be) a repository for my own reflections and musings, as a personal blog on the side (links to all of these are below).

As time went on, I came into the acquaintance of Asket and Semjase, familiar names but with a new relationship to our world, revitalized, reframed, exciting. To collect their communications, Time Transformers came online. Already, Anica’s insights were turning into a growing collection at Anica’s Notebook. The League of Light gathered yet more messages from another angle—galactic history—at Changing Address. As new voices came onto the scene, Changing Address branched off into a new blog, Know More Earth, featuring Isis, Theo, and Rachelle exclusively. Nine Pense came into shape as a short-lived but compelling series of communiqués, followed by the still-active Luminous Dimensions.

Two French-language sites also form part of the collection: Dimensions Lumineuses and Transformeurs du Temps, courtesy of a family member’s fluency and enthusiasm.


Nine’s Path assembles all threads of communication housed in the collection of blogs in one mothersite. However, the League of Light is anything but static in their relationship with us. In fact, the dynamism of their connection is such that, as we expand into the space their codes guide us into, new aspects of the relationship and their nature open up. Thus, we now are meeting not just Pleiadians or Temmerians, but representatives of other star systems, and now—in Higher Orders—angelic bands of frequency-specific communicants.

When I first moved the WordPress blogs to the main website, a process that’s been ongoing as the site structure has evolved over the years (see this news post on Nine’s Path for more on that), some of the collections were no longer adding material and were collected and added to in book format. Some were adding posts, but those were directed more toward the website than the blogs. This was to bring some centralization to the experience of meeting and understanding the League of Light as a whole, rather than limiting the experience to one or another of the branches of their work. With Nine’s Path now solidly in place as the core broadcast point for the LOL, the blogs themselves had become peripheral, and in some sense, neglected. I’ve been directing some energy toward dusting them off so that they can become tendrils through which more people can find their way to the mainstay of Nine’s Path, and thus explore on a more satisfying adventure.

This page serves as a starting point for exploration.

Nine's Path assembles League of Light material on one mothersite. Expand into the space their codes guide us into, as new aspects open up. #ninespath #pleiadian #angelic Share on X

The blogs themselves, as they have been over the years, still contain the full posts as they were originally made. Exceptions to this are Opalescent Words and Renegade Thoughts. As the messages that formed these blogs now exist as books, I have left only a few tantalizing posts to give a taste of the original vibrancy of those early communications. I hope they pique interest into diving into a more complete experience in the books, which expand on the original material and gather it in a way that gives a whole new adventure to the reading.

As I add new transmissions to the original blogs, I am purposely posting only excerpts, with links directing back to where they live on Nine’s Path. Part of my reasoning for this is strictly technical: having the entire post on two separate sites can potentially make it more difficult for search engines to find the Nine’s Path post. I don’t write the rules, I just adapt to them. Besides that, however, newcomers to the material are in for a real treat as they redirect to Nine’s Path and discover a treasury of mind-bending, heart-opening, life-affirming material to feast upon.


As far as keeping up with new transmissions, there are several methods that suit many needs and preferences:

I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to stay in touch. How can you, as a reader and fan of the League of Light, help extend the mission? Share with friends, share on social media, and share to sites that gather, index, and distribute posts of a higher-mind nature. In this way, you become part of the ground crew, and your participation is most heartily appreciated on earth and in the heavens.

Suggestions? Drop them in the comments below!

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