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Bends of Light

Enter Angels, Exit Fear: “We Are Cherubim”

When you’re in the Upside-Down, people in the real world hear you scream. Fans of Stranger Things know whereof I speak. I found this out last night, when I inadvertently found myself in the Upside-Down for real—momentarily—but long enough, thanks.

As someone who rarely remembers dreams and more rarely has nightmares, for me this was… novel. I felt creeping evil in the form of a dark figure enter the room, stalking me like an inky-black Nosferatu, then a blanket of grey mist swiftly coming down to cover me, bury me. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so blood-curdlingly.

I’m no stranger to confrontations with demons and shadows. I’ve sent plenty of them on their way to a better world than enslavement to despair in this one. What happened last night doesn’t sound like much of a nightmare, to be honest, but it scared the bejeezus out of me, that’s for sure. My throat still hurts from the screams.

Totally Unexpected

It was a night like any other. I had had a busy day, made and uploaded a new video (ironically, on the subject of dark shadows), prepped a newsletter, got myriad other things done on the League of Light plane of work, etc etc… On reflection, I felt pretty good about it, especially for a Sunday. Meditated, prayed, observed my inner state.

On settling down to find sleep, as often happens, a thought took form: Being in relationship with the divine is being in relationship with your origins. Ah, that was a nice one. Neatly encompasses the entirety of what had been on my mind of late, which was how to my work with the Pleiadians with the reality I recognize in Christ. Hey, I still have residue of programming and anomalous real-life experiences, like anyone else.

The Form of Fear

There’s only so long you can keep pushing things to the back of your mind. Before too long, thoughts find a way out. Thoughts, like any demon or lost soul, just want to be released from the prison of mind. Where does worry come from, if not from fear? And where then is fear’s home? If you follow the stories and teachings of the Pleiadians here, you’ll likely guess, “with Nemesis”. And you’d be right, accordingly. Nemesis gives form to fear and holds it up like a monstrous teddy bear in the middle of the night.

It seems to me this is what happened last night. All my latent concerns had to be shaken free of my frame. Because, face it, I have some work yet to do. We’re all in the business of evolving at an alarming pace these days. I’ve been given material from a new source to share, and apparently I can’t put that off any longer. So bear with me, folks, but here we go! If you’re ready, we have new territory to explore. (I’ll post an update below when that’s online.)

So, last night… after the screams died down and my hands stopped shaking, after my eyes returned to normal human size, after everyone returned to bed, I had to figure out what had just happened. My husband pointed to my pendulum, my tool of choice for centering for contact in situations where I’m feeling neither centered nor contactable.

What came through was as unexpected as the night terror had been… a total counterpoint.

Nemesis gives form to fear and holds it up like a monstrous teddy bear in the middle of the night. #nemesis #ninespath Share on X
“We Are Cherubim…”

The first words that came through were these: “We are cherubim.” Then I felt a cascade of space and stars and feathers and peace pouring over me, down my back, calming and expanding my mind. Now my eyes were wide open, not with terror this time, but with awe. Another dimension of experience opened.

“We are of love and of Nine. You paid a visit to Nemesis.” Wait, it seemed to me that Nemesis had paid a visit, rather than the other way around. Soaking that in, I scanned the room and from the peaceful space now around me, told fear to beat it. I saw, in my mind’s eye, a slender, dark shadow figure pull open a slit in the wall, climb through, and it was gone.

Returning to the pendulum, I sat in angelic geometries of calm, and opened my heart to the place where the fears and concerns had been hiding. Such radical honesty is necessary for a heavy-duty, high-fidelity connection, for those of you who are keen on doing such things. The transmission continued:

“You do no disrespect to God in siding with the Pleiadians. Don’t downgrade the Pleiadians. They are as angels, and are of the perfection of love. You do no disrespect to the Pleiadians in holding Jesus in your heart. The man of Jesus was Pleiadian. We made him to walk in fearlessness in the world.”

And with that, my earlier thought came back to mind: In having a relationship with the divine, you have a relationship with your origins. You are of divine origin. This is the epitome of the message of Christ. All that “divine” encompasses is love.

Perfect love casts out all fear. This is what I confronted, or what confronted me, from the backwater depths of my mind. Nemesis shepherded this toward me, and the cherubim were quick to tell me why: “You need more room for love.” Greater love. No room for fear.

'We are cherubim.' I felt a cascade of space and stars and feathers and peace pouring over me, down my back. Another dimension of experience opened. #ninespath Share on X
Wrestling with Angels

What’s been working on my mind recently is how to come to grips with what I’m doing as a liaison for the League of Light, as a steward of their mission here. You may be familiar with the work I’ve presented here from the Pleiadian Renegades or other Pleiadians: Anica, Asket, named and nameless others among the League of Light. However, you may not know that I have had a hefty amount of interaction with angels, as well. From the beginning of my days of interdimensional contact, angels have spoken and otherwise made their presence known. Most recently, Michael has been stationed at my side. I don’t talk too much about this so as not to cause confusion. In fact, though, the confusion had been building within me about bringing all that I do into balance in a way that’s of service to the great love that the League of Light refracts through their teachings… in a way that’s of greatest service to you, reading these words here, now.

Enter cherubim. Out comes fear, beating a path in haste to escape, lest they get trampled.

cherubim kerub
What Are Cherubim?

Before I go any further, please understand I’m not referring to cute little cherubs. That’s a later variation on a theme, a splicing of Greek and Roman mythos onto a different phenomenology.

Cherubim are replete in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic literature, and can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamian figures carved into walls and stories. In essence, they are of the ninth level of angelic nature, though there is some variation in certain traditions. What is agreed upon is that they are ranked generally as high as Thrones and Seraphim. They are enormous. They are sometimes depicted as beastly in appearance, with four faces and four wings and hooves instead of feet. They are so resplendent in light that the countenance of a single one could light the whole world as bright as day. And so on.

So there’s an element of awe built into the experience, but also of immense, overwhelming calmness. I felt what to me was feathery wings stroking my back. The presence of power is unmistakable in that state, and it is, in the most literal sense of the word, awesome.

What Comes Next

There’s still plenty in my notebooks to be sharing here on Nine’s Path. A lot of what’s written on the pages is personal guidance for me on my path. However, recently, I’ve been receiving some rather long messages meant for public distribution, such as Anica’s aforementioned piece on dark shadows. Next to be typed up is one that to this point has been transmitted anonymously, in a curious handwriting similar to Archangel Michael’s but with a different energetic character. Last night’s encounter made it pretty clear what the source of this new message is: Cherubim. (Edit: You can find the angelic transmissions in the collection Higher Orders, on Nine’s Path.)

I’ll be putting that message online as soon as I can, which means as soon as things are arranged here for that to happen. Keep an eye on this space (subscribe below) for that to make its appearance. In an ever-changing space, the mission is gearing up. Change is upon us, awesomeness too, and that leaves no room for fear. When fear comes, give it a wide berth, a blessing for the space it’s cleared up for you, and send it on its way. Back home to Nemesis. Back home.

What a world.

In having a relationship with the divine, you have a relationship with your origins. You are of divine origin. #ninespath Share on X

© 2019 Maryann Rada, sharing permitted with link to original article

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    Interesting that you would use a, what I deem a picture from an old Sumerian depiction of an Anunaki. Apparently they were an alien race who to some degree invaded earth, searching for gold and profoundly affected the human race. Or am I wrong and this is a portrait of a cherubim. Just wondering where it came from.

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      Yes, isn’t it funny! However, it’s appropriate, and necessary in this time to see that perhaps it is that what had been at one time long ago true and good has been twisted by certain powers to suit their own nefarious purposes. But I digress…

      It is generally agreed upon in the scholarly community that this is an image of a kerub, a celestial being that was charged with guarding the tree of life, and by extension with guarding divine knowledge. I only include it to complete the discussion of what cherubim are, as they do in tradition as well as linguistically derive from ancient Mesopotamian depiction. That said, what I experienced, what was given to me as a word as “cherubim”, facilitated the transmission of understanding the experience as a visitation from a non-corporeal (in this plane of understanding reality) being who was transmitting to me both divine peace and divine understanding of my experience. Stay tuned here, because this is not the only, nor the first, instance of such an angelic visitation. I am working hard to get the transmissions I have received from angelic beings typed up, and will be posting them here soon.

      If you would like to see an instance of Anunnaki communication through our own League of Light liaisons, I would point you toward this message, as it is most enlightening:

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    Maryann its Audrey you speak of Michael here yes the Archangel want to talk of angelic encounters well I Am the mother of his twin sons it was part of my experience here and they needed my DNA my essence to help create them they are in the realms doing their works blessings Audrey

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    Fascinating stuff. Wow only a few days ago I was researching a bit about Seraphim and Cherubim, they were opposite to each other and the whole story fits perfectly into the ancestors of the Pleiadians and probably way back before the Lyran-Draco conficts.

    In my inner vision, I was shown a Cherub man, with the face of a lion, but different to Earth lions, this one had a black beard and many pairs of white wings with something golden on each wing, perhaps part of an attire pointing to their title. In contrast, I was shown a Seraph woman, whose face is very reptilian, but more like an ancient Naga or a Basilisk, both fitting well into the most ancient descriptions of both kinds of beings:



    Definitely hybrids of the main avian, goat, serpent-dragon and feline races.

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    Well this certainly opens the door to a broader field to explore! Stay tuned, folks, more downloads on the way…


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