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Bends of Light

Walking with Men of Light

Angels all around… Something’s afoot. It’s as if, bit by bit, connections to the otherworld are being plucked from their usual roosts. We’re more and more being given a feeling of “on our own”, yet at the same time of presence and awareness all around. I’m reminded of the kind of presence of mind I extended when my then-baby son took his first tentative steps on his own with enough momentum to propel himself across the room to waiting arms. Likewise, we’re being encouraged to walk with confidence right up to the face of what we don’t yet know we can do, with loving presence all around us. It’s time to move. We’ve got this.

The direct input might be pulling back. You’ve seen it here. The League of Light did. They’re still around but not very chatty. Same with our favorite individuals therefrom (Asket, Anica, etc.). We’ve heard recently from the team behind the Order. However, (surprise!) they didn’t give the latest transmissions directly. Those were actually given through the auspices of the Men of Light.

Who are these Men of Light? Are they all men, really? Think expansively. They are beings of light, genderless angelic figures of clarity and power. Why call themselves “men”? The human form is not their own; rather, they appear to any in the form most accessible and welcome to them. Thus, they would be “Dogs of Light” to a dog, or “Dolphins of Light” to dolphins. You get the picture. All that aside, they have a calm urgency in their message. Be human. Be ready to demonstrate love. This is more important now than ever before.

I’m ready, are you? We’re certainly given some creative opportunity, without looking far to one side or the other.

To help you share and reflect on these recent love-notes, I’ve whipped the image gallery into shape. Now you can scroll through the graphics and download what you like, for your own use or to share. Be sure to take a look at the short videos now online that accompany each!

Here’s a quick link to the most recent graphic, excerpted from the Men of Light’s transmission, “Rome Loses to a Divine Rule”.

Click to download larger image

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Otherworld connections are as if plucked from their roosts. We're given a feeling of 'on our own', yet with presence and awareness all around. #ninespath #transformation #menoflight Share on X

Maryann Rada writes as the interdimensional contact point for a conscious interface known as the League of Light. Find out more at her website,

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