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Mass Peacemaking

Easy, now… I’m having a hard time managing energy lately, unless I pull way back and dig into core stuff. Breathing. Posture. Relaxing my face muscles, jaw, eyes. Trusting. Things we take for granted as just happening, but things that are vital when so much is happening. How are you coping these days, with all that’s going on everywhere?

The sine wave movement from exuberance to outrage to shock to bliss can lead to confusion and an upset tummy. The turbulence is real and can strike without warning. My best strategy has been in letting go of any sense of timing or sense-making with most things. Tune in, rather, to what’s actually happening. Let go of expectations on every level. Dinner will happen, laundry will happen, and I will be calm as I go through the activity of these things happening when I understand that with a sense of this being the order. Not ordering it into being (though honestly, a night off cooking can be nice once in a while, but then again, sometimes that just happens).

Extrapolating this to the bigger picture, I can rest in trust more easily. Not that it comes in a snap, mind you. I go through periods of emotional turbulence, like everyone. When I do, I try even more mindfully to connect with like energies outside of myself, to move through the process of finding zero point holding as many hands as I can as I move. I’m not always able to do this so gracefully, being in the soup of transformation as we all are. But I do this when I can. Not only does it ease the shift from uncertainty to peace, it feels like it helps draw the collective global mind that much closer to peace, too. Try it.

In the latest message from the Master (“Days of Silent Voices Now End”), we’re urged to consider what it means to be surprised by love, as the world approaches a tipping point. To be prepared to show others what that means. To me, the subtext seems to be urging us to get in alignment with the immensity of love, in every scale. Download the graphic version, and see the new series of downloadable images featuring the essence of Nine’s Word at the Image Gallery.

Wishing you peace 🌸

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Like you, I go thru periods of emotional turbulence. I try to connect with others and move toward zero point holding as many hands as I can. #ninespath #transformation #themaster Share on X

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