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Teachings for a Kinder Future

Looking for higher wisdom to share with the children, hoping for a kinder future than our present one? I was, and the Pleiadians responded with something beautiful.

When my now-teenage son was a wee lad, his father and I were at an impasse as to what to use to instill some spiritual nuggets—words, phrases, verses, songs—that would serve him in his later years. My own upbringing was infused with the teachings of Jesus. My father was a Sunday school teacher, though decidedly not dogmatic. Somewhat of a maverick, he blended study with practical observation, and taught me to watch for God’s interaction in the world of nature. So we planted gardens, watched birds, studied the stars, and reveled in winds whipping up a storm.

My parents taught me to pray and encouraged me to find my own way through whatever holy book found its way into my hands. Yet one of the most enduring verses that stuck in my head was from a framed stitchery picture (exactly like the one pictured) that hung in the corner where we did the weekly ironing. As I was tasked with much of that chore, I had opportunity to study every stitch. It’s something that’s helped me straighten out a few wrinkles in my life, especially when I discovered some of the more challenging joys of parenting. The verse reads:

kinder futureWhat need we teach a child,
with our books and rules?
Let him walk among the hills and flowers,
let him gaze upon the waters
let him look up to the stars…
and he will have his wisdom.


My son, Frank, has always had a philosophical bent. Even when he was tiny, he’d surprise me with his understandings of spiritual concepts. However, we wanted to give him some words to grow on. His father, Don, and I wanted to steer away from anything dogmatic and didn’t agree on exactly what that meant, so I took it up with the Pleiadians and their teachers. It seemed important to give him something beyond what was at hand, yet to retain the essence of eternal truths, and package it in a way he could internalize.

Their first words in response: “Now we come to the most excellent teaching… Now you seek the truth about living well, and we have what you seek in a nutshell.”

They continued with an intriguing tidbit about “yet another book” I’d be writing (this was said back in 2008, when I had just begun gathering the transmissions that would later become the book Remembrance, and I’d just started writing Opalescence as well). They also noted that of even greater value to our boy than words would be showing him our own transformation through application of wisdom in place of the anger that often flared up between us:

Know that coming to this realization now is of greater benefit to you all, as Frank will learn more by seeing you and Don change your ways… The relief he will feel if you and Don put aside your mistrust of teachings which sound churchy but are simply truths men have through times of degradation twisted in the overt lies of power-of-fear constructs of social control will have a greater effect for the healing they will enable. Listen with an open heart, as you have our other teachings, and know that we understand your concerns deeply.

Do you wonder, sometimes, if there might be a direct transmission for the kids? As a parent, I know I’m not alone in looking at this world, searching for something pure and of service for the world the children inherit, free from the taint of politics, preaching, and pessimism. I offer what follows, directly taken from a personal chat with the Pleiadians, as a solution, perhaps, something to fill that gap. It comes in two parts, first the teaching, and a simple version, short and sweet.

The remainder of this article is directly from the Pleiadians.

  1. Remember that in everything is love expressing itself. (What is that? Love.)
  2. In everything you do and say, let love act and speak in the best way. (What is that? Love.)
  3. Don’t be afraid of anything, because love is always present. (What is that? Love.)
  4. Act with love when your parents speak to you, do as they ask, because they want you to live well and learn the ways of love in the world you live in now. (What is that? Love.)
  5. Take care of Frankie: Keep your body clean, eat good food, exercise in joy, keep your home clean, and be gentle with yourself in thought and action. (What is that? Love.)
  6. When you hear angry words or see angry actions, know that love is trying to break through complex beliefs about love that the old ways of the world taught, and help people remember that. (What is that? Love.)
  7. The best way to live well for you now, as a child, is to remember that your parents are trying to do a lot and they want you to be happy. When you fight them, it makes them upset because they are trying to help you and they are tired and broken. They cannot heal if they are tired and the best thing you can do is to help other people heal. Let your parents help you and don’t fight them. They will help you become strong, wise, and happy if you let them. Listen and do as they ask. You will be happy you did, later when you are older. (What is that? Love.)
  8. Be nice to everyone, even if you think they are mean. If you are, mean people will learn to be nice, and you will have helped them heal what hurts in their hearts. (What is that? Love.)
  9. Remember to pray all the time. You are always with God, and God is always with you. When you are God’s friend, you can see lots of love everywhere and living in the world will be a lot more fun for everyone. (What is that? Love.)
Here are some easy ways to remember that list:
  1. Be loving, be happy.
  2. Love everybody, no matter what.
  3. You are love and so is everyone you see.
  4. God loves you and God loves everyone.
  5. It’s always better to listen to your parents than to wish you had later.
  6. Nothing can hurt you if you remember to do the right thing and not be proud or disobedient to what love teaches. (Short version: Do the right thing and you won’t be sorry you did; you’ll be glad instead.)
  7. If your parents ask, you listen and do, then be happy and well.
  8. More of the world healed is more of the world happy.
  9. Remember to talk to God always, and know God hears every thought and will help you. (Short version: God listens to you, so say something.)

These are some things you can start with. More will come soon. Frank will be well and you have taught him much of value. Your perceived failings with him will give him something to work with as he learns about healing. The most important thing you can teach him, which he can repeat and apply in all things, is this: Remember to be happy and help others be happy. You’re all part of each other.

Do these things now and see what happens. They have already begun, as you have had the intention before you articulated the thought. Let Frank hear what wise people have said. Play words and music that will help him learn wisdom, rather than silliness. This is his wish. He knows much of this already but teaching it now will help him remember as he gets more into the world. Make more time and effort to teach him now, as he wants more than anything to learn what you know. This is love.

© 2019 Maryann Rada, sharing permitted with link to original article

Maryann Rada writes as the interdimensional contact point for a conscious interface known as the League of Light. Find out more at her website,

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