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Nemesis in the White House: Functions of Six

Not to raise any feelings of concern, but I think things are going to be changing again on a big scale. Exactly where can’t be pinpointed on a map, because the locale is situated in the inner planes. Big change, yep, but the seismicity I’m talking about will be more of the consciousness-type event for most people. Noteworthy, nonetheless.

Let me explain by way of ruffling some feathers. Shall we explore a story we currently share?

Some time ago, a grand and effective rift tore through the consciousness of the world in the form of what some called a duly elected leader and others called a criminal, a conspirator, an idiot. Erupting from that rift, a slew of emergent forces congealed into factions and movements, hushed discussions and, eventually, fistfights both real and threatened. When the rumbling was just starting, already the foundation of understanding the state of things was tipping people’s awareness one way and another, to transcendence or entrenchment, and everywhere in between were confused folk searching for reason. If you don’t already know whereof I speak, I’ll be bold and just say that it’s about Trump. There. I said it. Let’s move on, because it’s really about so much more. He’s just the guy in the spotlight.

The View from the Sidelines of Six

What triggered this writing was a conscientious note sent by a conscientious reader, troubled that I had mentioned matters surrounding the President. I don’t write for one audience, though; I write for all. Being troubled signals a place out of joint, a need for peacemaking. Some people took things in stride, and if one person took the time to write about their disquiet, there were likely others feeling it without comment. What I’m saying now is for everyone to consider, and I thank that conscientious reader for following up with her due diligence. This, then, is mine.

There are few with whom I discuss my own political views, mostly because I see politics in general as a necessary and largely futile exercise in status-quo-making and big-bucks-raking. It’s an old game and one I watch as a semi-interested spectator. I really don’t have time for it anymore, but I see the draw. Lately, however, it’s more akin to watching a train wreck: not something you want to witness but at the same time something you can’t take your eyes from. Until the smoke clears and, hope fulfilled, it wasn’t that at all. The thing is, so many people have been huffing and puffing to clear the smoke from opposing angles, it’s held thick in the central point, obfuscating what might otherwise make perfect sense.

Regarding politics, I find it much more fulfilling to watch it as a function of Six, as is described in my book, Opalescence. If you’re unfamiliar with the numerological sequence of reality-creation it describes, Six governs chaos, at the most basic level of understanding—conflict, and the sorting out of things. It’s a kind of engine in the midst of a dualistic machinery, but one that can lead to massive shifts in awareness and experience when it’s seen for what it is. And worked through. This is where Nine comes in and changes everything. Relax, the math is not difficult. Just remember that Nine is the key.

Nemesis Trump

We are, at present, in a world of duality, and politics is one institution that very clearly exemplifies that. Even outside of bicameral, two-party systems, duality and politics go hand in hand. Duplicity, too, but that’s another thing. The lessons of Six, as of thoughtfully expanded considerations of political machinations, can ultimately lead out of the problematic stagnation of duality that, at its worst, politics seeks to maintain:

If you continue to maintain your awareness of peace within the world of duality, of illusion, you will eventually come to the place in which you emerge from the old and take a deep breath of the new. You carry a heavy burden as an embodied soul in the matrix of duality. Any time you can lighten your load, you’re doing yourself a favor and improving your chances of having some meaningful conversation with your soul. It’s not only the heart of your embodied self that you lighten, it’s your physical matrix as well.¹

Let’s start that meaningful conversation. One thing that each flank of the rift propounds is oneness, yet they seem unable to achieve it from one side or the other, or even within their own ranks. Why is this? Is the soul so impossible to discern in the Other? Is the fear so great? Don’t allow it to be. It is possible to get out of the morass of Six, with all its veiled allusions to oblivion. It begins with recognizing what’s at the core of the issue, and whatever the issue is, that’s likely to be some flavor of fear:

With unflinching courage, you command yourself to overcome fear, create an opportunity for you to drag yourself up, and stand facing yourself as you were — in fear, stuck, and eternally damned to suffer in your illusion of dragons and monsters of the mind.²

Lightening your load has less to do with weight than you might think. See for yourself.

Remembering What “Human” Means

The light of divine self-identification is not a cookie-cutter affair. To agree with an ideological clone of yourself is no great feat. To agree on something—anything—with a human being who barely fits your own self-ascribed definition of human beingness, there you’ve achieved something. That something is a beginning, and a chink through which light will grow as you keep wiggling. Go ahead, squirm. Get into those uncomfortable places where you can set aside your ego and step away from your beliefs. Tie up the sacred cow and take a walk away from the ranch. Look up at the stars and gain some wisdom.

My own bold step into daring to be has engaged me in bringing stellar wisdom down to earth. In the wilderness of finding Self, I had some experiences. Let’s just say that for now. Upgrades to the neural network. Let’s be honest: most of it was really messy. But there were grace-filled initiations. Nothing terribly exotic, a lot of work on healing and integration, with a healthy dose of meditation, journeyings Delphic, shamanistic, and divine, and the interdimensional awareness that comes with holistic investiture of soul in embodied awareness. That led to meeting up with kin from the other side—yes, Pleiadians, okay—which in turn led to conveying their transmissions online and in print. These wise, divinely aware folk have more understanding of our collective history than we are at present allowed or (for now) able to comprehend. They urge us all to remember who we are, as divinely engendered humans.

Set aside your ego and step away from your beliefs. Tie up the sacred cow and take a walk away from the ranch. Look up at the stars and gain some wisdom. #pleiadianwisdom #ninespath Share on X
Divine Agents of Change

The Pleiadians are clear about one thing: for all its beauty and perfection, this world is messed up at deep levels. “[Can] you handle the sorrow of ogres keeping children in captivity, waiting to feed on them?” they ask. “Dragons do in fact eat their own children, but as part of a ritual of power feeding on weakness. And if the dragons’ children do not conform to the ideal of ruthlessness, they are a sacrifice to the deity of power, Satan.”³ Such a story is playing out, the machinery long locked into place wrenching open the doors behind which are hidden such acts of blood sacrifice. It is but an example of the kind of messed-up the Pleiadians have been talking about.

We need help fixing this in our socially disordered state, but don’t look for spaceships before looking at—and believing in—ourselves. Sacred one, I’m talking to you. Beyond organizing into factions or writing a check, we’ve come to the point where we need divine intervention. If you know anything about the way agents of divinity intervene upon request, you’ll know that more often than not, the provision given rarely matches expectations. Usually, it looks like something patently not intended to help fix things. And usually, it ends up being more than perfect for the job. This is something the Pleiadians cover in Opalescence, in the shape of a divine interloper called Nemesis, “Nine’s agent of change”:

Vastly different from what you’re used to is the view Nemesis sees. And she shows you what she sees as a just arrangement of conceptualized light, cackling away at your miserable expressions and your comical dance to regain balance and poise. All the while, you look on, horrified at what you see yourself as, opposite of what you thought. You only see from your perspective and not from another’s until Nemesis enters and shares a peek. Then you become aware of your senseless comments, actions, and equally certifiable stunts of awarelessness.4

Thus is faith built on gratitude, built on greater self-awareness, built on forgiveness. Most agents of divine intervention pretty much fall in line with that built-in operational feature of irony. The Pleiadians with whom I interact certainly do. I’m used to it now. Pretty much.

Enter the Dragon—or Dragon Slayer: Trump

Given my observations and interactions with Nemesis, it came as a short-lived surprise when, one day in early 2017, I realized that Donald Trump was in fact an agent of divine intervention. Sure, the same can be said for anyone. But he’s the subject of questions asked of me for clarification, so I’m taking a stab at it and bringing some Nine-based wisdom to bear on something that clearly baffles a lot of people. Whether you see him as a golden avatar or a dark lord matters not to me. What you put into words about what you perceive in his regard tells me more about your own self-awareness than any cogent summarization of his merit or efficacy. I have a sneaking suspicion that he is of a similar mind, as he merely has a job to do. Which can also be said of anyone, divinely engendered human, even you.

Bear with me. He’s stirring things up, and do you not agree that sometimes stirring things up is a good thing? What’s true for pasta is true for our world, in that sense. And I think he knows exactly what he’s doing, even if that is not clear to everyone. It’s an old, old story, still reverberating through reality just as much as in any series you might choose to binge-watch on a rainy weekend.

Certain people of your distant history wanted to remain in power long after the natural time for them to vacate their design. It is generally factual that natural lines of power are laced together in a weave that mandates a change in dominant socio-political density on a regular basis. OM permits the weave to question the nature of OM’s design, but OM is the ultimate arbiter of all elemental interactions and interrelationships. Practicing energetic leonine cutthroat management techniques never meant to be periodically replaced but only subsumed back into the weave of Six, pestilential dragons have overstayed their welcome as a creative part of love’s master plan and threaten the stability of the cast of renegade actors still onstage.5

And so we come to the battle royale. Just remember: not all dragons are bad guys, and not all humans are on our side. Keep this in mind as you slide through the drama on the world stage, and you may find some light within the darkness.

Enter the Dragon

The Duality of Ignorance vs. Illumination

Something about duality must be understood. Having things work nicely for half of the whole does not make the whole functional. If half of your body’s cells are happy with what you’re eating and half feel sick or starved, you won’t be very healthy. At times like that, you have to flush toxicity and attend to the underlying addiction that’s had you unconsciously delivering it. Realizing you’re both junkie and dealer gives you a way out of a cycle. Whether you detox through celery juice or chelation, or simply launch off some primal screams, some intervention by a practiced hand can be necessary to guide you back to homeostasis. Have you had such an experience? Give me a shout if you found it to be a transformational event in your life’s journey.

Escaping the confines of the either-or of ignorance (or narrow views) and belief (or blind loyalty) brings a whole new perspective. You breach walls designed to keep you in as much as to keep other things out. Some things are good to keep out, don’t get me wrong. But if fear is the nature of the wall, the wall is by nature permeable. Imperceptibly, those things you maintain as separate seep through and infiltrate your mind without your permission or your direct participation. Slowly, subtly, you become that other, that thing that you hate. Hatred is by nature a kind of osmosis, stealthy and Nemesis-like. If it’s in your head, you have some work to do, doubly so if it’s in your heart. In the fabric of families and institutions? Even more so. When hatred insidiously finds its way through the gatekeepers of sociocultural order, disaster is assured, unless and until it’s rooted out at its core. Total reset. Massive change.

Like him or hate him, Trump is shaking things up. Blind devotion or indiscriminate aversion aside, he’s doing the job appointed him. Flushing the system, full-on chelation, detox, rehab. Not fun, not comfortable. If you don’t see the need for flushing, let me share some insight from the Pleiadians on what’s been going on in our increasingly 1984-like world:

You are not so dim as to miss the larger picture of what has been going on in the world you inhabit. Quick list: People mad with knowledge of war; assassination of leaders who would cause peace to be the norm; children drugged, poisoned, or missing; horrors and atrocities continuing to be carried out in the name of God; men chatting up boys for sexual gratification; churches arranging for ministers to be made into saints while God has seen the crimes they have committed against the people they were to minister to. Add to that insanity, horror, and nonsense the more visible everyday journey through lack, want, and greed—now a little cup of tea with Nemesis might not sound so bad.6

I’ll not get more detailed here, but will point out that helpful information is abundantly available if you require a re-lensing of what is drawn. It is really right under your nose, if you dare look. If it doesn’t disturb you, you might want to pinch yourself to see if you really are awake. Or woke, whatever.

Stop Pointing Fingers and Look, for God’s Sake

Zealots accompany avatars like fleas infest dogs. Everywhere you look, there’s good and bad bound up like a shapeshifting yin-yang. To go all black or all white steals dynamism, and the machinery of life falls lifeless. Going all-out for either avatar or zealot yields a flat experience of being, from A to Z. In fact, it robs reality of the numinous; it steals transcendence from the human experience and relegates full beingness to flatland. Thus, meaning can be spun out of all relation to meaningfulness. That’s not to say that fleas are a good thing or should be considered part of a dog’s life, but they exist all the same. You cannot deny that. But can you cope with it? How? Genocide in any form is inadmissible for the holon to truly be whole. Round and round we go in a dizzy ride of Six, trying to find a way off the merry-go-round.

Enter Nine. In the apparatus of black and white/yin and yang, Nine is the invisible dynamic within. Not grey, not pigment, not even light. Nine is the central point around which spin is, around which reality assembles itself. Nine gracefully dismantles the problem and demonstrates that there never really was one. It is the love that’s missing from the one and the other; it’s the love that’s everywhere and the sense that therein lay. “Night moves over all countries on worlds of duality,” say my stellar wordsmiths. “Love is in night.”7

Where there is love, there is no fear. Truer words never said.

The time has come to move beyond the search for avatars. After all, they are just the finger pointing the way to heavenly glory. In seeking an external avatar, we relegate ourselves to the merry-go-round and again live out the story ages old. In pointing at zealots (and plenty abound on either side of the rift), likewise do we remain within the confines of the edifice of fear, deceit, distrust. I extend an insincere apology to all who are seeking to be the next avatar. Sorry. Anyway, remember that Nemesis has a way of removing avatars unless and until the lesson is learned. What we need is to wake up to the truth of our own divinity, our own comprehension of opposite-less love. Blast through your inner avatar and find that. Seek to see through the illusion, and stop being bothered by it.

If I’ve loosened a few bricks in the walls of fear’s illusion, loosen them more. Dare to. You deserve so much more than you think you already have.

© 2019 Maryann Rada, sharing permitted with link to original article

Maryann Rada writes as the interdimensional contact point for a conscious interface known as the League of Light. Find out more at her website,

When hatred insidiously finds its way through the gatekeepers of the sociocultural order, disaster is assured, unless and until it’s rooted out at its core. Total reset. Enter Trump. #ninespath #trump Share on X

Unless otherwise noted, quotes are from the book Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity (2019 edition), available from amazon and smashwords. See more League of Light writings at Nine’s Path.

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    I found this one posted on my FB wall with one word Raise. As I read this article tonight it seems that it was the first time I read it, I do not remember reading it and I do not remember sharing it to my wall. It was so good though. It spoke to me. I think the Divine Intervention may have taken place and posted it for me lol. Thank you so much Maryann. I needed the message and it was a joy to read to my wife tonight.

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    I’ve been reading your work for years now, and value your perspective highly. The problem I have with that is that this is because your perspective is so congruent with what I already know – and so I have to keep it at arms length… suspicious… because I am equally aware of the vastness of my ignorance compared to the actuality I swim in. My trajectory is quite different from yours I think (though that may be too many assumptions). I read this article on ‘Trump’ with great trepidation. So much utter nonsense is spoken on the subject of this man and his current worldly role. I grew from the political ‘left’, to say the least, and yet the public, present response of the ‘left’ to this President has fully awakened my realisation of the ‘partiality’ of such inherited assumption. I knew this before, theoretically – and then the world out there acted out this lesson in fullscap, highlighted, underlined. You are quite correct, he knows exactly what he is and what he is doing. I would tempt those easily triggered further than you do – but that is my inheritance compared to yours I think. I assess that only future historians will have sufficient distance from contemporary narratives, in general, to do ‘him’ any justice – having the critical and cultural distance necessary for such. Volumes will be written, and contemporary observers will be largely astonished. Donald Trump is not perfect… except for this role, at this time. I also know that applies to the rest of us. And therein lies the lesson of the ages. Thanks for what you have given Maryann, you are valued more than you are told… I know, because I have spent so long not mentioning it.

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    When I was a young woman, my older brother told me I was a “bleeding heart liberal”. Thus was a label given, and accepted by me without full comprehension of what it implied. As I made my way in the world, I agreed with the designation “liberal” as it fit my current experience and surroundings. I don’t know what I call myself any longer. An observer? Epiphany comes unbidden and carries with it changes difficult to brand. Trump wields epiphany with such subtlety, its no wonder it’s misapprehended by so many. Yes, future generations will understand. In this unreality where we’re conditioned to chase after perfection outside of us, to demand it of others, we miss the perfection within this momentary play, and an opportunity to love self in other. I’m so glad you mentioned it. I’m sitting with these words of yours in gratitude. Thank you.

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    I began as a ‘bleeding heart liberal’ too, and of course the beginning always lacks any degree of self-reflective comprehension. I can’t label myself on this now simply because that very act attempts to fix a perpetual dynamic. And yes, I think you capture this with ‘chasing external perfection’ compared to the perfection within the ‘momentary play’. I am a bleeding heart liberal within my family/friend relations – if not an out-and-out communist; doling energy according to perceived authentic need. When I turn to the always abstract social world, I travel into Libertarian-mode, respecting the right of others to find their own way, even if that way looks crazy to me. That ‘outside’ world is always a theoretical construction compared to my immediate momentary play. I think when we misidentify our orientation, our inherent dynamism, and try to apply the rules of the immediate-real to the rules of the abstract-unreal – we fall into disaster on so many levels. Yes, we chase after perfection outside ourselves; we chase after perfection in the unreal. The road to hell is paved with so many excellent intentions… and the road to heaven is paved with excellent attentions. oD


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