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Bends of Light

Along Creative Lines

Putting down the pen and picking up the pencil opened up my creativity to new lines of expression. Have you given such a thing a try lately?

Maybe it’s my Aquarian nature. My creativity, no matter what form it takes, always has the idea behind it to be more global in nature than simply individual. By that I mean that I express from my own perspective — for what else can I do? — but the vision is broad. It’s meant to touch the many as much as the one. Holographically.

So when my recent spate of artsy creativity produced an image called forth by global concern for Australia’s fires, the drawing that transpired became a work of meditation, prayer, and magic all in one. I share it here for you to use as you like as a point of contemplation, and to relate the story of its becoming.

What I saw in my mind’s eye: Fire and rain against a rising opalescent sky, green life and clean waters, and a lotus on Uluru. An exercise in finding elemental balance. Magical lines drawing equilibrium, summoning correspondence between nature and change.

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Creative Unwinding

Some backup, as you know me as a writer first and foremost. Sometime last month, I ran out of steam. I wasn’t surprised, as it’s been well over hm, several years since I had anything resembling a vacation. Burnt out, worn out. The Pleiadians had prepared me that a time of rest was forthcoming, during which I was to RELAX and allow Joegil’s energies to integrate. Their instructions: Finish what was on my plate and take on no more for the time being. Put down the pen. No new writing projects. So other than the short weekly guidance messages and videos, that’s what I did. There was no argument. I was tired.

One night, I had a thought of drawing, after seeing a random video on the subject (which my son is studying just now). So I got a piece of paper, folded it in quarters, grabbed the closest writing instrument, and let the lines flow. Seemed like a good way to unwind… and unwinding is exactly what came out onto the paper (excuse the poor quality, I was doing some of this in dim light late at night, with tired eyes):

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Followed by more:

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Now, I have to say, I was using really crappy colored pencils and a Bic pen that was globbing ink everywhere. However, a recent foray around desk drawers and closets has since yielded a better selection of pencils, and my dear husband surprised me with a very early birthday gift (or late Christmas, as we decided not to spend money on gifts for each other this year) of a nice pen and some sweet pencils! Something in what I was doing had hit a buzzer in my brain, and I just felt compelled to do more. Before long, there came a function to the form.

Threads of energy:

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Waves and lines approximating a landscape:

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Latest line art awaiting color (with one already finished):

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Art Therapy

I can’t tell you how much a simple thing like this is helping me heal. Have you been doing anything new and creative during these turbulent energetic times? Leave some comments below.

I highly recommend following any ideas you have, no matter how “out of character” they may feel, or how much you feel like it’s something you just “can’t” or “shouldn’t” be doing. Do it and thrive. As our hearts are stimulated into expansion, there comes a natural outpouring of energy. Best to allow that to take creative form, that the mind may expand in concert with the heart.

Above all, it’s vital not to block such things. You might find unexpected healing where you dared venture.

As the heart is stimulated to expand, there's an outpouring of energy. Allow it to take creative form. You might find healing where you dared venture. #ninespath #creativity #arttherapy Click To Tweet

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