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Planetary Release

More thoughts on shifting reality by releasing the program.

Let’s tackle program release on a key concept that’s probably close to most of us: astrology. After all, if this earth is going to become new (whatever that means in practical terms), what has been as a timekeeping element will also become updated. Good to release from the tentacles of time.

There’s something to the planetary imprint at the moment of birth, a.k.a. astrology, I won’t deny. I find it a useful tool for understanding. Recently, I ran all that through the “Release the program” machine, and find myself experiencing all I observe and read (a lot of astro stuff on my newsfeed) in a more empowered, more effortless way. I’m focusing here on the tropical zodiac system, which in the west is more in the mainstream understanding.

So let’s begin:

  • Release “astrology” program.
  • Release “horoscope” program.
  • Release “sun sign” program.
  • Release “moon sign” program.
  • Release “rising sign program.

… all good, these are the big ones. Whether you follow astrology or not, you’re likely to find some truth in both the popular and esoteric observations of these. But to dig down and find both understanding and release, you can go further. I’ll just give the outline here and you can cycle through all the details as you like.

  • Signs (Aries, Gemini, Taurus…) even if they aren’t your dominant, each has prejudices and assumptions attached.
  • Planets, rulers, influences
  • Houses (each house relates to certain aspects of life and fate)
  • Ascendant, midheaven, IC,
  • Aspects (trine, sextile, square, opposition, conjunction, etc.)
  • Nodes, asteroids (i.e. Chiron), Lilith, Arabic parts, etc.
  • Placements, degrees, orbs, combusts
  • Moon phases
  • Transits, progressions
  • Synastry
  • Fixed stars
  • Eclipses, retrogrades, stations, etc.
  • Astrological symbols
  • Unaspected signs & houses
  • Birth date, decans

What did I miss on this list? There are also many, many related areas to explore. Vedic astrology, Cards of Destiny, various pagan systems, Myers-Briggs personality type, Human Design, etc etc etc…. Have a go at them too, and see how you feel. Releasing the program does not erase the facts, nor does it un-do what you are. Rather, it liberates you from invisible compartments of self-knowing and allows you to be more fully authentic. For more on this practice, see this article.


Since I’ve done this myself a little while ago, I can say that I’m much more comfortable with my Aquarius sun, Aries moon, Sag rising placements, and less concerned with what’s going to happen based on certain transits or moon phases. I still am aware of all these things, probably more meta-aware if you know what I mean… more sensibly aware, more empowered and yet more free from the ideas and labels that go along with them. I can appreciate more fully the implications that certain aspects have on my life path, the way a carpenter appreciates their power tools, or an artist their palette.


We are one being as planetary humanity, divine emanations of Life, remember; we see in each other what can be unseen in ourselves. So I will say this: I love you. I appreciate you. In striving to love and understand myself, I achieve an understanding of you, and appreciate your presence and original genius in this world. I offer these thoughts to you to embrace and apply as you feel drawn to.


We’re talking about this a lot in the Pleiadian Renegades group on Facebook, exploring the concept and sharing experiences. Join us there. Your presence is welcome!

Also, a note of thanks for all who support this site and the work of the League of Light by tipping me coffee here.

© 2021 Maryann Rada | Nine’s Path, sharing permitted with link to original article

By releasing the program, you immediately move into authentic experience, rather than playing with ideas about whatever it is. #ninespath #transformation #releasetheprogram Share on X

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