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Release the Program

Some thoughts regarding letting go, releasing patterns and pain, moving into new reality.

In dealing with some pain issues, I’ve been talking to my body, telling various muscles, joints, headaches to release and relax. Your body listens to you, you know? Targeting a spot of tension with the word “Release” can send the signal that unwinds it all. One day as I was doing this with some deep, old pain, the words came: “Release the program.” Oh wow, what a game changer!

Then I added to that: Release Maryann program. Release pain program. Release doubt program. Release the this and the that, this place and that role program. It went on for a long time, as so many things came up for releasing.

This isn’t expunging or erasing, not deleting, just releasing programming received over a lifetime. Picture lifting a snare from your mind. Mindful deprogramming, allowing for authenticity, freedom. No special requirements, and it can be done on the fly. When you face an allergy, “release allergy program.” When you feel anger at some familiar trigger, “release anger program.” Get it? Go for it!


This goes deeper than simple self-talk. As soon as you peel the lid off, all kinds of programs pop up for releasing, like symptoms of a life spent in the matrix. Travel through what comes up; allow your inner self-righting mechanism to show you what’s there. Don’t be afraid, because again, you are not deleting anything. By releasing a program about anything, be it positive or negative in nature, you are merely removing the snare around it that comes with living with labels and boxes, teachings, dogmas, traditions, etc. By releasing the program, you immediately move into authentic experience, rather than playing with ideas about whatever it is.

Some of the things I released in my initial encounter with this concept, in all permutations and listing all the varieties, locations, titles, etc.:

  • Names
  • Places lived
  • Relationships (family, lineage, friends, loves, etc.)
  • Job titles
  • Physical problems (pain, tension, inflammation, etc.)
  • Mental states (fear, resistance, euphoria, etc.)
  • Emotional issues (doubt, regret, mistrust, joy, etc.)

… and there are so many more things you can add to this list. I would say, do them one at a time, take a breath, let it settle. Say the full sentence each time: “Release _____ program.” Like a mental homeopathic, when you hit on one that has some energy to release, you’ll likely feel a shift, softening, relaxation, settling. If you don’t have a particular program, or think you don’t, you can say the phrase anyway. If it doesn’t apply, no big deal. But you might just hit on something that you forgot completely. And be free from it.


We’re often not aware of how we’ve been programmed, or if we are, sometimes it seems too big to deal with. When you release programming, you free yourself from snares that become inbuilt to the concept, whether you’re aware of it or not, whether you mindfully participate in it or not. It’s the nature of the matrix, of communication, of learning. These mental snares become anchors. You may not notice the weight they carry or how well they pin you down until you release the program. It’s akin to reading about something vs. walking into the reality of it.

Releasing the program, even of something positive like joy, love, or peace, liberates you from any and all conceptual frameworks of the thing and opens up the experience of it. Total freedom, unprecedented expansion are possible when you step out of the box of concept. Even beautiful things carry baggage.


It’s an easy step from grasping the basic concept to applying it the same way you might with cutting cords or canceling contracts. You may be tempted to just lump everything together and say, “Release all programs”, adding convenient phrases like “which are not for my highest good”, etc. That’s noble and on the right track, generally speaking, but this is you we’re talking about. You are a complex of experiences unlike anyone else, and you are needed in this blossoming new reality precisely because of who you are. So give yourself the benefit of specialized attention.

Use the right tools, release yourself for specific experiences, and see how direct and deep the healing can be. Each specific program you release acts as a homing missile, rocketing straight for the mind snare and obliterating it in a puff of elemental dissolution. If you have a memory of a childhood bully, release the program using that bully’s name. Let your mind make you aware of related things… anything. Release whatever comes up. You need not dwell on it more than a moment, a breath, then move on. If you think of something and it doesn’t seem to apply to you in particular, try releasing that program anyway. It won’t hurt. Think of it as loosening rusty bolts, renewing worn parts. Before you know it, you might notice a feeling of more grounded integration, and be less prone to succumbing to the push and pull of currents of chaos.


Think about it: we move from one place to another, we spend time building ourselves in organizations, teams, clubs, etc. We travel and experience places that have an effect, then go back home. Every one of these things is time-delimited for us, but the places keep going on their own… cities and towns grow and change, people move through organizations and they change, we change.

By releasing the program that each of these places initiated within us at whatever time and for however long we were there, we free ourselves from being stuck in time’s flow. And, we also free ourselves from the influence those places may still have. Those places can change dramatically and yet have a hook we don’t need, especially after we’ve long been gone.

For instance, I grew up near Baltimore, and left for good in the late 1990s. Some years later, I returned for a family event, and couldn’t recognize the place, neither physically nor energetically. It was not the Baltimore I knew. So I recently went through a round of releasing programs and included the city, plus places I had studied and worked, places I frequented, the conservatory where I took music lessons, etc.

That was just one bunch of programs I released. Here are some of the others, which I share as food for thought for your own use. Please add to the list as you are inspired to! Geography creates an energetic map within us that we are well advised now to release, as the matrix disintegrates further. It may help to briefly visualize the place as you do the release, phrasing it in terms such as “Release [school] program” and “Release [city] program.” That last one’s a doozy.

  • Home addresses
  • Schools, classrooms, campuses
  • Teams, clubs, organizations
  • Vacation spots
  • Social meeting places, clubs, etc.
  • Airports, stations
  • Places where trauma or celebration happened
  • Hospitals, prisons, courtrooms, etc.
  • Stadiums, concert venues, events, etc.
  • Main streets
  • Cities, towns, areas, regions, states
  • Country
  • Continent (whether you’ve been there or not, there’s likely a program attached)
  • Earth

We’re talking about this a lot in the Pleiadian Renegades group on Facebook. In fact, I started posting there a daily suggestion that I get from the League of Light, such as these:

Nine's Path release the program

Then we explore some variations on the theme, such as deceit, illusion, AI, and related concepts to “Release ‘simulation’ program.” The ensuing conversation has been engaging and surprising. Join us there (for now… always thinking ahead, I’m scouting out a good alternative should Facebook have issues in the future). Your presence is welcome!

Also, a note of thanks for all who support this site and the work of the League of Light. Stay tuned for more developments with the site, the social group, and more by signing up for the newsletter. You can share your appreciation by tipping me coffee here.

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    You are such a powerful channel and impacting us all with every word. Thankyou, Your Vibration gifts me with total Onenessamd Creativitit. Love it. Thabk you x releasing now! Emily Jackman x


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