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Bends of Light

A Moment of Note

Lately, I have been very absorbed in the transformation that I am undergoing with the League of Light. The transmissions over the past couple of years changed to accommodate what has been needed in the collective. Now the League of Light has asked me to take a pause altogether and be present for the transformation of my role with them. They’ve asked that Pleiadian Renegades group on Facebook be the focal point for now of the study and deeper understanding of their communications as contained on the Nine’s Path website. They’ve asked that I recede into being less active and more restful so the process I am undergoing can take me to the place I need to be to continue my service on a higher level.

So while I remain, I am also absent. Yet, there is much to do and the world demands a precision in walking on the path of Nine, and living the life that opens the way to becoming galactic humans. I ask that you consider Bill Houston to be my surrogate as presenter of material for contemplation and discussion, and to be present as I am still watching and interacting as much as I can.

We have entered a most interesting and dynamic period. We are at the brink of a total change of what we understand reality to be on many levels. It is the time of transformation, the days of remembrance. There has never been a more potent time for the energy of the League of Light’s messages to us to be revisited and thus released into the collective consciousness, knowing that we are the bringers of a great and powerful force of light.

As you find it appropriate, study the transmissions, get to know the people in the League of Light, the light language, the nuances of Nine, and the mysteries of opalescence. The websites are complete, even though there is yet work to be done to bring them to completion. This will come. The messages await your eyes, ears, hearts, and minds. Engage with them together and individually as you are drawn to.

Consider Bill to be the steward of this community, both as much-needed support for me right now and as I move deeper into the process of Nine, to move into my next role with the League of Light. As I am both here and not here, know that our connection remains and grows stronger the more we nourish it with creative responses and loving mutual regard.

While the coming days are as yet uncertain in many ways, we always have the path of Nine, and in this we can find everything we need at a space and time of perfection.

I love you all.

© 2021 Maryann Rada | Nine’s Path, sharing permitted with link to original article

It's a potent time for the energy of the League of Light’s messages to us to be revisited and thus released into the collective consciousness. #ninespath #transformation #pleiadianfbgroup Click To Tweet

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    This is called RE-BOOTING….had it happen to me several times and all I knew was I was not in control of very much about my own reality.
    Few realize the profoundness and depth of how our reality shifts.
    When people ask Whitely Strieber what its all about he says he does not KNOW!
    When someone asks what a hug from AMMA is about, no words can ever express it…..NOTHING in the mental environment can prepare us for what the Universe is about to do…what we will be introduced to….

    I discovered that on other planets there is NO money, NO government, NO punishment, NO pollution, NO lack, NO strife. They are in constant communication with each other, taking care of each other.

    For us to become anything like that requires a MAJOR departure from where we are… looks like that TURNOFF is now approaching to be able to go in THAT DIRECTION!!!


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