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Bends of Light

Into the Still Point of Nine

Like you, I have been watching the world shudder as the set onstage starts to lose its integrity. Low frequencies are rumbling across the stage as the chorus starts their entrance. I am not talking about extraterrestrials coming to save us; I’m talking about all the people who are waking up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to move into a brighter future. Now, I’m not averse to friendly aliens setting foot in the public square, of course. I just want to see those of us on the planet get it together before they do appear for all to see, hear, and interact with. It’s no fun if zombies and sleepwalkers crash the party. So I see what’s coming as the transition from nightmare to wakefulness, something that makes you catch your breath for a minute and calm your heartbeat down. Only then can you really see the morning light.

So I’m watching and I’m seeing a lot of nonsense and bickering and useless criticism being bandied about, and that’s okay with me because they are not such dangerous things. Sticks and stones are another matter. Every time I hear some dim idea about vaccinations and police states and world domination, I visualize these things like a paper-and-cardboard model someone’s put together, and I blow on the toothpicks holding them up. With a holographic intent, such a simple act could be quite useful, when you face some spectre of unpleasantness as a possible development in your path. Unpleasantness is really starting to ooze out of the human psyche on a global level, so there’s a lot of it about. That doesn’t mean it has to stay, it’s just on its way out. It’s always a good idea to use your breath in a cleansing way, to breathe in cosmic light and breathe out the nonsense (I recommend listening to Alaje’s pranayama meditations in his recent videos). Once you get the idea of disassembling some mechanism of fear in your personal experience, you can switch it to another level (kick it up a notch) and holographically use the personal practice to disassemble mechanisms of fear and clear out nonsense on other levels of being… within the family, the tribe, the school, city, the whole world.

I’m not averse to friendly aliens setting foot in the public square. I just want to see those of us on the planet get it together before they do appear. Share on X

Here is a practical application of the science of Nine, right here. When you are focusing your attention to your experience as an embodied soul, you are focusing on the consciousness of One, the reality of you as being. Clear out any misalignment of truth until you feel the single harmonious reverberation of OM, the still point. The still point is Nine, and it exists in all things. This is the point you breathe into and from which you access all of the universe. Start your personal etheric housecleaning here. Then move into the consciousness of Two, the reality of you in relation to Other. There is a tiny still point in the center of the experience of Two. Focus on clearing out any misalignment of energy between you and that which you are in relation to, breathe into that still point, that Nine portal which is in everything. Then keep going, into the consciousness of Three, Four, and so on. The foundation of these types of consciousness can be found here. This is the core of understanding the consciousness of Nine, and understanding Nine—even approaching it—leads to understanding the nature of divinity, by way of perfecting one’s beingness.

That’s how I understand it, anyway.

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    Beautifully put. Together we’re bringing the new realities here to Earth, grounding them for everyone’s sense of well-being. Thankyou for sharing.


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