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Bends of Light

Nothing More than What Is

In the past several weeks, there has been a growing undercurrent of excitement around the real potential for disclosure of extraterrestrial involvement in Earth’s reality. It’s as if suddenly it’s on the table, and people are starting to talk about it more. Aside from the hype of the modern world choking on its own violent creations in cinematic melodramatic forays into the ridiculous, some thoughtful discussion on the nature of extraterrestrial civilization is starting to make its way into prime time, marketed in a more tasteful way than such subjects typically have been. Ridicule is giving way to curiosity, and mere curiosity is more and more caving in to belief in a greater reality than had previously been entertained. It is already begun; there is no turning back, there is no retreat into ignorance. The truth is making itself known. That is not limited to disclosure of ET involvement in our world. It is a truth-telling time, and lights are going on all over the place as people are waking up to the immensity of the world’s cloak of ignorance. In a word, it’s inappropriate for secrets to be kept from the populace any longer. The truth is showing itself left and right, and the ones who have kept secret the truth about our collective history and the great illusion will soon be caught with more than their pants down. There will only be what is, and any attempt to subvert what is into what isn’t will be known for what it is, illusion, a lie.

Everything is going to be unveiled; there can be no more partial truths. We have to be in a position within our relationship to our soul to be able to forgive, understand, and love whatever comes forth. When it comes down to the wire, there is only one choice, anyway: To love or withhold love. If you see some spectre arising from within your psyche wielding a butcher knife and threatening to lop your head off, what do you do? It could be some memory of past injustice done to you that makes you lose your head when it comes to discerning the undercurrents of shadowy Nemesis that lurks within, or it could be some memory of injustice done by you to another. It could be an awareness of how futile one person’s anger can be against the gross body of elite government atrocity. It could be some fear grounded in your deep memories of childhood from the time before you had words to communicate the source of your fear in a world of madness and cold hard truth. Whatever the origin of the spectre, can you disarm it with love? It sounds so banal, so trendy, so poetic. Yet of all possible weapons you could use, none are as effective as the simple shift to love. It doesn’t hurt. It can even feel good. Liberating. Empowering. Even a little fluttery in the gut. Do you dare? You might be surprised, once you do, at how easy it is to take the knife away from the psychopath. And that is just the beginning of how you can change the world.

The truth is making itself known. That is not limited to disclosure of ET involvement in our world. Lights are going on all over the place Click To Tweet

I don’t think disclosure will come without some discomfort for those who have chosen to stay asleep until the alarm goes off for the final wake-up call. I can guess that there will be some rocking and rolling across the face of the planet as the mask of indifference falls to pieces and the world wakes up to the reality of its beauty and power. Have you taken the time to think about how the truth might affect you? When your fears come out of the closet and present themselves in the light of day, straightening their attire as best they can to seem lovable, presentable, acceptable? Reminding yourself that once you were in fear in front of them, that you have reclaimed the power you had blindly handed over to them, will you hold out your hand in peace to offer reunion to a splintered-off part of life’s expression? You can see how easy it is for the reflex of anger to be the first response to truth walking through the veil of illusion; it’s somehow a part of the natural process of waking up, for most of us. First comes pissed off, then comes enlightenment, the wise man said.

Let love express itself. Open your heart to whatever or whomever has caused you to be weak, and feel the power in it. It is your power. No one is taking that from you. It takes more than one heart to embrace that truth for it to become real for more people, and once enough people understand that truth there will be no entity that can withstand the onslaught of love that results, unless that entity is itself grounded in love. How can you tip the scales?

These are the thoughts that come to me now as I look beyond the overtures to disclosure I see with greater frequency. I have other things to tell you, too. The community at the Opalescent Collective is growing in so many ways I simply invite you to visit and spend a few minutes seeing what is developing there, if you haven’t already. Welcoming new friends and learning from each other’s souls is making it a cozy place indeed. I also invite you to join me on Facebook, where I’ll soon have a new “fan” page to help me keep track of what I’m otherwise sharing (as with family) and create a more focused news feed on consciousness, transformation, and disclosure-related things. Of course, you are still welcome to stay on the “friend” page! I am simply making this available as a less cluttered means of communication for those who prefer it. Heck, sign on to both if you’d like! And if you are yourself a tweeter or a follower of tweets, please sign on to my Twitter page for the latest postings, updates on discoveries, and otherwise random remarks. I’ve recently ventured into MySpace, so stop by and say hello as I figure out how to build that site up, too.

You can see how easy it is for the reflex of anger to be the first response to truth walking through the veil of illusion. #bendsoflight #ninespath Click To Tweet

I’ve posted some artwork that came through from Nine some time ago, along with some bits and pieces of Pleiadian script. Please have a look and see what you see in them. They are intricate, odd, and delightful in their messages, some personal, some illustrating the finer points of the science of Nine. Visit the “Art & Language” page at Speaking of Nine.

Look for an announcement soon to appear as I prepare to re-introduce the personal messages from the Renegades and Anica. I’ve had to take a break from doing these, but many of you have asked if they are available and the reasons I had to take that break are dissolving. In that I have a service to offer, I will make it again available, for those who wish for personal communication and guidance. Some feedback appears on the main page of Speaking of Nine, if you’d like to see the responses of some who have had readings.

Framed prints of last year’s calendar are for sale at the Pleiadian Soul online store, and I’m working on a 2010 calendar, along with some other new goodies. The collected messages from the Renegades in 2008 are available in the book Remembrance, and I’m hoping to have my main book, Opalescence: A Renegade Pleiadian Guide to Divinity, finished in the coming weeks. More is on tap after that; rest assured the Pleiadians have much more to share with us, in many forms. Meanwhile, to fuel the online presence and the offline energy behind them, please consider a donation, which I gratefully receive as support and love. I’ve created an easy way to show your support on an ongoing basis with recurring monthly donations in amounts large and small. Every gift counts towards the transformation of global consciousness and energizes this work. Many thanks to you all for your kindness, whether it’s in the form of donations or heart-felt thought-forms of encouraging intent.

As we head toward the end of a year that has seen so much change already, we can all expect to see even more change in the coming months—a moment at a time. Here’s wishing you a clear moment-by-moment view of Nine’s path to the heart of what is before you. It is in the essential part of a thing that the nectar is found. May you find yourself swimming in it.

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See the video edition of this message here.

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