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Ask a Silly Question, Get an Honest Answer

It’s been a month of internal and external uncertainty, hasn’t it? I have felt the Squeeze of August in many ways, and am somewhat relieved to see September come in. Not just for the cooler temps to bring sanity to the heat of transformation, but to see what happens in the world of official disclosure regarding the role extraterrestrial civilizations have been playing in human history, especially in the past few decades. I have been chatting with my extraterrestrial friends about the possibility that they might indeed show up on the doorstep of planet earth and move things along somewhat, but I am reluctant to share what they have said. However, this is all for you, so you might as well be in on the secret. It takes a long time to prepare for this kind of contact, and no matter how badly you want it to happen, certain steps have to be taken so you don’t fall on your head as you cross the chasm between Here-and-Now and Finally! I can’t deny that I want to get some rest, to get away from the insanity of this world, to be done with the labor of rebirth. I want to go home. And that has been the catalyst for discovering what home really means to me.

I’ve never really felt at home. There’s always some sense of something missing… peace, safety, belonging. I trust there are many who read these words who understand them from personal experience or from thoughtful consideration of the fact that our homes have been opened up to energies that have had none too serious intention for our own peace and contentment. We’ve eagerly opened the doors for technology and the world it created to enter and erode what’s left of family. School and work schedules wreak havoc on shared meals; television, computers, games and other media have infiltrated the quiet of an evening; morning news shows and the rush of getting ready for the day have drowned out the tranquility of interaction with the sun as it infuses light into the mists of dawn. There are meetings to attend, appointments to keep, regimens to follow. When is there time — or energy — to really enjoy “home”? I admit it has eluded me for a long, long time. I don’t understand how this happened, but there you have it. Home is stealthy, fractionated, and busy. And I am out of energy to pursue it much further, depleted, done. Given the options, heck I’ll take a ride on a lightship, were it offered in a friendly, cheery kind of way.

But then, I have work to do here.

So I asked the Renegades about that. Here is their answer:

Nowhere is home closer to you than when you are at peace. It is not the place but the state of mind that is the foundation. It is OM that creates home. Every atom in your being is connected to OM, no matter where you find yourself embodied. Your soul resides in the comfort of home even though your embodiment as a human might be feeling separate, lost, alone, alienated. Find that minuscule beacon within your very cells and follow it. Then see what happens. High in the sky we await the moment of meeting as kindred reunited. Do not give up hope; we will be arriving in style before very long. Meanwhile, we have some work to do, and so do you. Have you forgotten?

I can't deny that I want to get some rest. I want to go home. And that has been the catalyst for discovering what home really means to me. Share on X

Yes, work is here, waiting to gain my attention. You’ll probably notice what’s been done in the past month: The Speaking of Nine site has been completely redesigned; a community site, the Opalescent Collective, has become a hub of loving energies sharing the vibe of Nine; Anica has narrated her first YouTube video and I have a new YouTube site waiting for more uploads (meanwhile, I have a few playlists on various subjects, please visit and enjoy). The site is also connected on Facebook, and I’m posting updates on Twitter. Whole new universes of information are awaiting discovery!

I have little idea what’s next, but Nine’s nexus of light is growing steadily. As it does, I am facing a dwindling physical supply of energy to maintain it, on practical terms. If you are at all inclined and able to help support by donating a month’s (or year’s) web hosting, a bit for the internet connection or even the electric bill, you would have my great thanks and the peace of knowing you have helped me find some precious peace of mind. It is not my intention to move in the direction of paid subscriber content or ads, so I must trust the goodwill of those who find value in the work to reflect their gratitude; whether it’s in the form of donations or a thought of support, I am most appreciative and share my good wishes with you all in the form of these offerings of words from the wise.

Enjoy the new site, which is the result of a generous gift from a reader who wants to see this work reach a larger audience. It is a gift to you, too, so that you may more easily interact and find new information. I invite you especially to read up on the “Science of Nine” section, if you have not explored there yet. Much information is given, and more awaits. I am working steadily, but needing to make ends meet is eating up much of my channeling time. Are you feeling the same way, like something’s gotta give, the shift has left you feeling a little empty? You are not alone. We are moving towards interdependence as a global organism of human consciousness, and many have yet to make the connection. I see glimmers of understanding where there was a blank look before, however. I see a lot of struggle, too. These times are challenging, but they are not defeating. Every new understanding nudges the planetary awareness closer to being fully awake. We’re getting closer to home.

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    Dear friend
    Look again at your defination of home. The ones you are channeling have been gently trying to get you to understand where HOME is. This understanding will change evything you think you ARE
    Much love. Feel free to contact me if you want to clarify this
    I AM

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      Thank you for your kind note. Please understand that as well as channeling those from other realms, I also pick up on the collective consciousness of those attuned to these messages. There is a great longing of the people of this planet to understand what “home” means. That is why this question came up for me to ask, not so much for me but for all. The entirety of the universe lay within the human heart, and from this place I greet you with love.

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      So true, Jenny, and I’m glad you’ve made contact here! You might enjoy the main site, Speaking of Nine. The Science of Nine section gets into the nitty gritty of OM, if there is such a thing. And stay tuned, I’m in the home stretch of writing a book on the subject! Much love.

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    When we get our thoughts quieted and centered, and mind~body system in balance that is when we can honestly say that we are HOME. Love & light. Namaste.


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