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Crowded Motives Aside

Recently, it’s come to my attention that we’re at a certain point in the midst of a massive level-up, and it’s time to face that transformation square in the face. As a result of lifetimes of preparation, we’re at a unique space of time in the soul journey, individually and collectively. Because we’ve been diligently (haven’t we?) following suggestions from higher levels of wisdom to slice off dead weight, let go of outmoded patterns and thoughtforms, and discard everything that has done its job in service to the soul, we’re lighter, more streamlined, and ready for action. Just cast a look back at where you were before, let’s say, the current covid culture kicked into gear. Like it or not, a lot of what you had deemed necessary has been challenged and lost, and you’re still here. Reinvented and refocused, we await what’s next.

All that said, there’s the collective amnesia to take into account. Forgotten aspects of self await integration, while the last of the broken shards of traumatized soul-pattern settles back into place. The greater you awaits. I’ve had a glimpse of what this might be like: a feeling of being pulled through the eye of a needle and welcomed on the other side as the one I have forgotten myself to be. The one without the overlay of belief and tradition of fitting into a mold that this one who I have been has been playing at. While you’ve been in a holding pattern, while you’ve been waiting for the opening to come and been revving your engines, guess what? You got primed. You’re secretly all shined up and the portal is in receiving mode. Transport to timeline merging is open. It’s in process, and there’s little to do but to be present. Life knows precisely what it’s doing.

If you’re bowled over by the effects of cancel culture and anger gone apocalyptic, center and breathe, and therein connect to each other. That thin sliver of timelessness you find at the end of an outbreath is enough to slip through an etheric hand to find another’s waiting fingers. Energetically, spiritually, however you conceive of it, we are able to find a coherence in our humanity. Is this enough to help us pull each other through? Is it enough to save ourselves from the degradations of hopelessness and despair? I think it is. I extend a hand to you, and I encourage you to extend a hand to others. Not to save them, not to grab them and pull them to safety, but to remind them that they are not alone, that they may find their own sovereign balance, claim it, and stand tall within the being they are in the unabashed act of becoming. Dare it.

There’s no doubt that lifetimes of all number of experience has had an effect on the collective psyche. There’s no doubt that we’ve lost sacred lots of our history to the flames of zealous authority claiming copyright on humanity’s right to be. Yet we have the pen. We carry the code. If you can dare to summon remembrance of that into your hand, you share our reclamation of self every time you connect in loving aspect to another as yourself.

Lately, it’s sad to say, I’ve seen some of our human family so broken and amnesic that an artificial persona has been given sovereignty over the sacred self. Not all have been successful in navigating the sharp points along the way to selfhood. The Men of Light have been bringing through messages from their number and from others who wait silently now, to remind us that the time is short for choosing love over fear, that love is the true power, that love will move us through the unknown if we but trust it, and let down our defenses. Continue to be love’s beacon, but also be aware that those who refuse may not be ready for what you have to share. With a kind blessing, be willing to sever ties where free exploration pulls others away from your hand. Truly, love cannot be broken, only transmuted, and life’s adventure continues in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

We are called to the time of gathering. Honor that. The invitation is open but not everyone will respond. Be okay with that, and further, learn to recognize the signs of narcissism, artificiality, and other pathologies of the spiritual apparatus. The abuse others offer is not yours to receive. Remember who you are. Offer blessing, a wish for peace, and allow freedom where it is sought. What you do for another in this way, you do for yourself. In this way, your own torment can resolve, you can find blessed peace. It’s time to remember that. The gathering of light as well as of shadow will clarify knowing for all. Truth is set to emerge. So is our strength, as individuals and collectively. Be strong for each other, not in spite of each other, and be strong for the you that is reaching through time to emerge.

The Men of Light, true to their word, have been steadfastly present, offering notes to remind us of what we’re capable of and hints for awareness of what Now holds. Their latest message, “Rose”, is attached here for you to download and share, just click on the image. It’s cryptic, but says exactly what needs to be said. Or so they tell me. Let it settle in your mind and heart that it may reveal its secrets in perfection with your own inner rhythm.

The changes come quickly. Be poised and in love.

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We're called to the time of gathering. Honor that. The invitation is open but not all will respond. Be okay with that. Remember who you are. #ninespath #transformation #menoflight #rememberwhoyouare Share on X

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