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Bends of Light

Call to Arms: Embrace

Everywhere, intensity is rising. This is less a broad generalization than a statement of observation. From among the various scenes that pass across my screen of reality, I am witnessing conflagrations of fire, destruction of property, injustice without reason, violence, contempt, and loss. I’m sure you are seeing the same from your vantage point, plus or minus some of the descriptive details. In the wake of such mind-wrenching observations, hopelessness lurks. I am witnessing this as well. Yet I am aware of it being an object in the landscape, aware of it, understanding its nature, its ubiquity within the growing shared acknowledgment that yes, something is happening here. I acknowledge but do not incorporate it into my own being, other than to sweep it into the net of experience. Hopelessness is not unfamiliar to me, but in this moment, I have no use for it, other than to call it out for its game and shake a finger as if to say, not today. I have other things to attend to.

What do you do in the face of hopelessness, however it takes form, whatever name you give it? I’ve recently played with its soft and nebulous form, knowing full well that razor-sharp edges could easily slice into my intent. I can’t afford to lose my momentum. At such a point, I regard hopelessness as a toy and toss it aside. It’s not always so easy, though, when it comes screaming into your face. What to do when it refuses to be ignored? Where I sit now at my computer keyboard letting these thoughts flow, I’m never far from the transmissions that have been pouring through from the otherworld. Because they’re handy, I turn there. Because they’re so valuable, I make them as available to you, that you may have something besides hopelessness to turn in your hands.

Their recent message, “Ready and Willing”, is evident of a trend. It’s much needed now that the guidance from higher realms becomes more direct, more pointed. Simply in its new form, it is urging us to be strong and gather ourselves into our wholeness. This is crucial right now. I encourage you not to shy away from the words, and to return to them to see how they are becoming alive in our shared reality. Thus, I have been pushed to make the images, like the one below, for you to download, share, and refer to often. They are offered as a backbone to these moments of hopelessness that are engulfing so many, which threaten the very borders of self at seemingly random moments.

The “demarcation barrier” that the League of Light has spoken of is not merely between realities of black and white, red and blue, what was and what is to be. While this is obvious and challenging—like being in an open field during an electrical storm—that is not the kind of ultimate edge we face. There is no hiding from what is happening. Every defense against it is stripped away, but one: Love. To hold an umbrella against the storm is to invite a lightning strike. While the storm is raging, there is no avoiding some blast of light. Are you ready for that? Are you willing to undergo the transformation called for in this time? Raw. Brutal. Yes it is these things. Let it not separate you from each other. Let the demarcation barrier not rise higher in the face of the obvious, let it not be fortified by hopelessness or its children: acquiescence, mayhem, violence… death.

“The choice to love, to hold life sacred, to see in each other the man and woman of light that you are becoming will utterly change you.” Love is at the core of everything right now. It’s what’s at stake, it’s the target, the prize. Those who seek to kill it cannot destroy what cannot die. Therein is your strength and the remedy to hopelessness. This is not easy but it is the only way not to perish.

There is a space between ourselves as beings enduring, falling, failing, searching and the one within that is at peace in the midst of the storm. Approach this barrier without fear. It requires of you to relinquish everything on its list. That may be home, or love, or family. It may be innocence, security, or blood. None will be spared, yet none are without an invitation to survive and in doing so to be changed. The barrier between what you know and what you don’t know may be the greatest manifestation of fear, against which the shadows of spectres dance in a masque of insanity. It is the last encounter with what threatens to utterly destroy you. Some will die. And some will perish, lost to their illusions, caught in the trap of willingly intensifying the pain. From their pain, they spark danger. Be wise. Remove yourself from it and if you cannot or do not, be fearless and stand within the chaotic waveform of the barrier itself. Modulate it, through every choice you make for love.

We stand at the threshold. We are ready. Understand and embrace what this moment signifies. We are becoming what we will. Let that be love, in the depths of its mystery. Hold steady. Hold each other. And let go. Such is the nature of change.

I invite you to join the Pleiadian Renegades Facebook group. We’re exploring love’s mysteries and finding strength and co-navigational beacons in each other. I’m looking at various other spaces for seeding some Nine’s Path-oriented community, but for now—and in the face of whatever it thinks it is in this world—Facebook is proving to be the most vibrant light-in-the-shadows venue. Look for more videos coming, as I can get them uploaded, more transmissions, and some changes to the website that the Men of Light have asked me to do. Exciting things on the horizon! If you find these offerings of value, you can contribute by PayPal or at Thank you for your support.

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What to do in the face of hopelessness? There's no hiding from what's happening. Every defense against it is stripped away, but one: Love. #ninespath #transformation #leagueoflight #loveistheway Share on X

Maryann Rada writes as the interdimensional contact point for a conscious interface known as the League of Light. Find out more at her website,


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    I use to read you a lot lost track and I’m so lost of what is going on in this time and I’m done watching people around me not caring about theirs lives. Not wearing a mask who right or wrong on this subject.

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    Understanding “why” to wear a mask is important. More harm than good can come of overwearing, or inappropriate wearing. Interesting to see that the officials are saying the masks are ineffective against smoke particulates… yet are with virus, which is so much smaller. Discernment, looking into the challenges may be difficult, but will yield the kind of breakthrough thinking that lead to freedom. Trust yourself to find the way. Stay attuned and flexible. Be open to grace finding you.


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