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Bends of Light

Timeline: A History of Nine’s Path and My Work with the League of Light

From the moment I first encountered the Pleiadian mind, many years ago and far away, I have gone through countless metamorphoses. Both in my personal, interior life and my exterior, public life, the changes have been immense, though stepwise, and guided by something I have long since learned to trust. A slapdash collection of notebooks is testament to the many conversations documenting internal conversions, and in a sense whimsically reflect the changing nature of the communications as I have grown into them.

The same is true of the electronic versions of those communications; over the years, my presence on the web as a representative point of transfer and dimensional modulation has grown, evolved, and expanded. From the first moment I decided to move from paper to computer screen, I have never had a doubt as to what the next form was to be. The information dropped into my awareness with crystal clarity, and with a lot of encouragement and self-learning, became what you see here today, as Nine’s Path website. All along the way, I’ve gotten feedback and learned on the fly. From learning how to develop a website to publishing my own books, it’s been a solo operation, as far as my two hands being the only ones doing the work. I depend on the Pleiadians to put the stuff in front of the people who need it, and for you, my readers, to share and spread the word.

At this stage of the project, ten years out, I thought it might be helpful to develop a timeline of the evolution of this path, as the moment seems to have arrived for more people to find it… Read the rest of this article on Nine’s Path

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