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Bends of Light

Odd What I See

Looking at the news, the recent headlines are in one sense interesting reading, and in another complete nonsense. The same goes for most of what is coming through alternate media streams, and to me, there is no insanity greater than what is happening right now. It looks like the world is losing its collective mind. I had a vision last night that captured what I’ve been feeling about what I’ve been seeing.

There is a ship and we’re all on it. There is a storm to port, black heavy clouds, loud rumbling winds, a dirty roiling vortex swallowing everything into its bowels. The ship lists to one side as passengers rush to the rail to see the impending catastrophe. It lists further, and the gaping abyss looms closer. Will we perish? Probably. The way people are crowding to see what happens next, it looks like a definite possibility. Where is the crew? They are taking care of their own. Yachts disguised as lifeboats surge away from the scene, the albatross is circling more tightly around our collective neck, and the captain is nowhere to be seen.

I wonder, does everyone want to know what it feels like to be chewed up in the jaws of demons? What the hell is going on? Maybe it’s just a dream, but this isn’t one I think I want to follow. When dreams come dressed as waking reality, it’s time to let the illusion fall away and call it what it is. I don’t know what most of you think about this unfolding scenario being described daily by dreamers and seers, but from where I’m standing, it looks like a lot of manipulation, misunderstanding, and lies. It doesn’t make sense that there are judges ready to whip the banking industry into submission. It looks like people are scuttling off to Paraguay, or wherever they have a sanctuary set up. If that’s the case, that means trouble for the ones left on the ship. Rats don’t jump until the last minute.

I have a suggestion. Step away from the railing and let the ship right itself. We can’t steer it if it gets sucked into oblivion.

I’m standing starboard and from my vantage point, the sea is smooth and there’s land directly ahead. Until you release your grip on the story portside, you won’t know what I’m describing. Cut the anchors caught on the gates of Hell. There’s another path to finding our divinity, another way out of the mess. See the sun? It’s still there, beckoning hearts to shine. Demons dressed in robes of light are eventually going to lose their need for disguise. It will be too late to turn, then.

I’m standing starboard and from my vantage point, the sea is smooth, there’s land directly ahead. Release your grip on the story portside. #bendsoflight Share on X

Turn away from the hype. Hear the sound of your own reality rustling in the waves starboard side. In an instant, things are going to shift. If you anchor your heart within your own understanding, you will find your way without the need for belief in imminent infusions of extraordinary wealth. It is enough to find your own gold in the power of your soul. Do you know what’s happening when you let go of your ability to hear? Will the earth split and swallow you up? Is there a new world to be? You want to believe, as I do, that everything will be all right. I ask again, is it worth letting go of the “truth” that has been handed to you, to receive the bounty of innate power you already own? Do you trust your own beacon to lead you home? Is it possible that the map has been sabotaged and that pirates have cleverly drawn it out of proportion, and that X marks the spot is in invisible ink, seen only by the eyes of higher understanding, of the heart unbound by belief in the latest message the wind brings in?

It’s only a little shift, to step away from the side of the ship that dips perilously close to water’s edge. There is some security in drowning for one who lives a life fouled by fear. That is not the way for humanity, my friends. It is a choice, not a sanctioned fate. Truth does not annihilate anything but ignorance, and ignorance is nothing but the unwilling eyes avoiding unmasking the illusion. It too is a choice. I’m only saying, there is a beautiful harbor and a sparkling horizon if you raise your eyes away from the drama swirling around the world’s feet. Dare to seize the illusion and shake it free from the wakeless dreaming eyes of those who seek safe harbor.

Maybe we have to explore the abyss. Maybe seeing into the face of Nemesis, looking straight at the collective fear, will pop us out into a new and better landscape. Eyes open, feet firmly on deck. We’ll go where we look towards. Yes, we all know the whirlpool of doom is there, acknowledged, check. Now, are you able to let go of the pretty picture, to see if there really is the possibility that it’s hiding something love wants to show you the way out of? Are you listening to the truth your soul whispers to you, directly to you, or are you caught in the music of sirens? Be clear. What are you looking at? What are you listening to? In the movement to get perspective, the whole world might just come to its senses in time to catch a new wind and get on course to higher seas.

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