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Bends of Light

Taking Wing

Bring on the reunion with our family! I greet every day with these thoughts, among others, and though there has been no grand light show in the skies above me, there has been plenty happening within in the past … ah, well, just lately, I guess. It’s like this: I am a different person in the morning than I was from the person I was who went to sleep the night before, and by the next night I’m a different person yet again. It’s a moment-by-moment thing anymore, and I’ve found that in letting go of whatever it was I was just remembering from my past, I more easily move from moment to moment. I don’t let it all go to the extent that I can’t remember what’s going on, but I do let go of the importance of the events, and the essence of what it was about settles into the background like color in a painting. No worries, no fire in the bones, no regrets. It’s a constant exercise in allowing what was to ripen into the threads of wisdom and trust that the important information has been assimilated deep down in the internal processes of the heart and mind.

'Bring on the interstellar contact!' seems to be the vibe of the day. It’s a constant exercise in allowing what was to ripen into the threads of wisdom. #pleiadians #firstcontact #ninespath Click To Tweet

I imagine it must be like that for a person who is in transition from one dimensional experience of living to another. I am feeling this to be my experience so this is what I shall use as an example. It feels like there is little left to do but to relate to the world from the point of view of who I am in the process of becoming rather than on the patterns of who I have always known myself to be. I no longer internalize my experiences as things that are happening to me in an endless string of memories of various emotional states. Instead, I let the moment unfold and watch the emotional potential take wing, like opening the lid of a box of butterflies and seeing them all take wing. You must have realized that we are all in this process, somewhere along the continuum of being, and eventually all of us will be removing the veil of forgetfulness and not-deserving… and instead the truth of the matter is that while each of us breathes, we have power to change the world. It is possible, despite the darkness we’ve become accustomed to seeing.

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