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Bends of Light

Post-Ecliptic Thoughts

Now that we’re on the other side of the equinox eclipse, I have a moment to share my take on it. At the core, this is a major reset. Spring starts with a glimmer of light, then switches it off, then starts again. Now for insights into that…

This is a new moon, a usually invisible moon. That which is unseen is occluding the light projector of reality, the thing that reflects light off of what is and so we see only reflections, not what is absorbing the light. So this is our reality, an illusion that reflects light, while the unseen “dark” drinks light in. Train yourself to see with eyes that perceive light without help of an outside source. That which we see as reality is about to get a dose of truth that has been waiting, circling, phasing in and out of form, in and out of the confines of the matrix of form of this Earth.

I think it’s funny in that quirky strange-coincidence sort of way that the totality of light’s reset passed directly over the Faroe Islands… say it with me, the “Pharaoh” islands… to me, this reverberates a time of reckoning that cannot be avoided any longer by those who claim ancestral dynastic rulership, from sand to sea and all lands in between. Never underestimate the power of what has been hidden to draw attention to the shadow to be seen in a new light.

The moon was momentarily in Pisces as the eclipse began, and moved into Aquarius during the event. In a relative blink of the eyes, we shift from the position of martyr and feeler of the world’s pain into a more detached yet intensely compassionate potentiator of seeing all of humanity as no different than oneself, an equalizer of energies by being a light-source part of the fabric of humanity. The sacrifice jumps down from the altar and walks away from the drama. Time for us to move together into just saying what is and sharing what we know, collectively.

As the moon shifts into Aquarius, it moves with the conviction of power to define the shape of the light into a new partnership. With a definite step, the heart of humanity moves into partnership with the rulers of Aquarius, Saturn (the ancient ruler, the teacher who doesn’t let the student slack off) and Uranus (the modern ruler, whose catalytic action can’t be anticipated). It is the mastery of having paid attention to one’s lessons that allows for the grace and detachment to move with sudden shifts in reality in a way that maintains a steady connection with the whole of humanity, as an organism. Aquarius moon holds the whole world in one heartspace. Through Pisces, we have given, we have felt, we have let go. Now we are spun around to face ourselves in a global perspective. What moves in this momentary eclipse shift is a holographic micro-view of what’s happening in the grand scale of the shift of this age, so embrace what is given as a package of information to guide you to walking the path ahead with greater confidence, in a new light.

This is a big move, with a huge invisible shadow of a moon that isn’t otherwise visible right now, at a time where all the world holds a moment of balance. Day and night are in balance on this equinox fulcrum, and we are reminded that greater light is coming, it is growing. From the deep psychic knowing of Pisces comes light for all, reflected from within each individuated aspect of the people of a planet. The slide into light is inevitable, and the eclipse at this specific moment in our calendar puts that in front of us, no room for doubt. Planetary reset, the truth wipes the illusion from the lens of light. Time to rise and shine. Let it loose!

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    This is so helpful in its deep creative weave. The multiple layers and planes appear so much more clearly, now. “Train yourself to see light without an outside reflective source… ” After feeling this I suddenly realized that INSIGHT is seeing such light before it physicalizes. Infinite blessings as our lenses open and eternal gratitude!


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