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Bends of Light

Persistence of Love

I’ve not been much for keeping in touch over the last year, messages from the Renegades and Anica being few and far between. This time last year, I was about to enter into an initiation like none other, and it has been a long one. Over the course of the year, I watched one manifest reality die and another come to life… you can read in previous messages that my son’s father succumbed to cancer early in 2010, after a long and tumultuous period of transformation for everyone involved. To have passed through that experience, of putting pain and resentment aside and to find the core of love to hold onto in the face of death, to know life forever is changed, was something that struck me to the core, shattered every vestige of reality I had built as familiar and safe, and presented me with nothing but the only thing that remains after such an ordeal… love. My son and I poured ourselves into healing, restructuring our physical reality as best we could, and looking forward to a new day.

As the Pleiadians have written many times, love has a way of finding you when you least expect it. Sometimes there is a realization that someone you correspond with casually is really a true friend, and sometimes you cross paths with a person whose soul you recognize as your own. This has always been considered a rare thing, but I believe it happens more and more, because I see it happening more and more. Then it happened with me: The friend whose loving support and gentle encouragement I had known for years as familiar and safe, yet distant, came into crystalline focus as a catalyst who redefined love into something completely new, yet powerfully eternal… and suddenly everything changed, again. Hazy dreamlike memory shifted into reality as with a few words he reminded me of who he was, and with the inevitable acceleration truth affords, finally I find myself at home in love. Total destruction, total rebirth. Sorry for all the offline time, but it’s really been a busy year!

So life in general has completely restructured itself. I know that’s true across the board, and there are few who wouldn’t look back on 2010 and say the same. The work I do is part of that restructuring, and it promises to continue in a form that will, I hope, be a reflection of the growth that the year’s tailspin has yielded. What that will ultimately look like remains to be seen. Some things are kept secret even from me, until the time for unveiling is whispered. Tap tap, it’s time to write a message. Anica has been busy with me, too, and so have her friends. I’m eager to see and to share what soon develops from her! I offer now a rather intense personal message to you from the Pleiadian Renegades, which was transmitted to me in these hours of the solstice, the dark hours of the night before the dawn of December 21, 2010, with great urgency and clarity. And love. Always love.

During the silence, there has been much movement. After the silence breaks, there will be much movement. In this stillness of solstice, when the planet is suspended in the pause of an in-breath, I invite you to savor the words of the Renegades, and I wish you all the warmth of kindness, the light of understanding, and the power of grace to grow within and between you through the days of the coming year.

In peace,

This time last year, I was about to enter into an initiation like none other, and it has been a long one. Death has much to teach about love. #bendsoflight #ninespath Share on X

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