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Bends of Light

Funny You Mention Close Encounters…

With all the buzz lately concerning us all meeting our cosmic brothers and sisters, ascending, opening doors to new ways of understanding, et cetera, it’s easy to notice coincidences. Like when a group of us were gathered recently around a campfire and asked, from our hearts, for a sign that we were on the right track even hoping to have contact. We all looked up and saw a gigantic cloud in the shape of a heart. Well, okay, clouds are one thing, and very subjective, even when there’s agreement of the picture you see. I’ll take it for what it is, just another nudge to keep focused on my heart.

This evening, we got another tap on the shoulder from the Office of Odd Coincidences, just a small one, really. I heard my partner, Don, suddenly laugh from the other room. “You’re never gonna believe this one,” he says, as he walks over to me holding a calendar in his hand. It is one a neighbor left with us, just a cheapie little business promo wall calendar, with a single photo for each month. “I was looking at the month of July,” Don continued. “I thought, wow, it’s almost over… I wonder what day August 15 is on (referring to the Waitaha prophecy that we’d recently been made aware of)…” at which point he held up the calendar. “Look what the picture is for August! Devil’s Tower,” he announced, thrilled at the irony.

Here’s a photo similar to the one in our calendar:

Here’s what I know he was seeing in his mind’s eye:


No, thank goodness, we haven’t (yet) been compelled to sculpt mashed potatoes into landing strips. But it’s funny, isn’t it, there it is, zzzzzing, hello! There are places like Devil’s Mountain, Bald Mountain, Table Rock everywhere, and many have legends of lights or strange happenings connected with them.

I’ll be looking at that calendar page from the corner of my eye, I just know I will. Wondering… waiting…

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    “We come with our worlds within.”

    It’s time for another campfire , dear sister!


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      Yes it is, brother dear! These mountain nights are a wee bit chill… perfect marshmallow weather 🙂

      I like the quote!

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    “When you are on a hill , it does not seem like a very scary climb to the top.”

    We’ll bring a few bags , so there’s enough to go around for All!



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