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I’m often asked about my path to where I am now, acting as a sort of intermediary of communication, a liaison between dimensions. I shy away from the title of “channeler”, because that’s not really my role, and it’s not a comfortable title to bear. Rather, I would call myself a frequency modulator of a sort, a transmission point for superluminal frequencies of light to transduce into intelligible signals for support in the general awakening and remembering necessary for pushing our society forward into a new golden age. Certainly, that’s what drives me. I can’t bear the thought of sinking deeper into the darkness than we’ve already gone.

Always, my first answer is that the path to achieving a reliable system of communication interdimensionally is a path of healing physically, mentally, and emotionally. So the path begins with that, and the willingness to move forward reveals those healers, teachers, and guides best suited for you. Soul, believe in it or not, is a convenient word for that aspect of self that takes care of us in this life, and for me, it’s soul that handles that level of logistics… aided by invisible hands. In my experience, that’s been the presence of angels and other subtle beings, and especially the Pleiadians, who know my name.

Here, you’ll find a smattering of some of the tools and pathways of thought that may shed light on the “how-to” behind interdimensional communication, family reunion on a cosmic scale, and coming home to self. While it’s scanty now, I’ll be adding more here.



Letter to Robin mini-course & charts

Dowsing charts

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